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Happy 100!

Not sure of the exact date, but 1914 marked the birth of the Dodge Model 30, first car put out by the Dodge Brothers. (It had a Shaker Hood, as well as Shaker Seats, Shaker Windows, Shaker Roof, well… you get the idea.) And if you need further proof that real men drive a Dodge, […]

A neat bit o’ weird history…

You can beat a dead horse, but you can’t always beat a dead rider. Ever hear of Frank Hayes? No? Here’s the skinny: On June 4, 1923, jockey Frank Hayes took off through the gates at Belmont Park on Long Island. He and his horse, Sweet Kiss (a 20-1 shot owned by Miss A.M. Frayling), […]

A neat bit o’ music history…

  Ran across this while looking up some obscure old instruments, thought it was a very informative demonstration of what you can do with very little money. This is Scott Ainslie, a blues musician and historian, demonstrating some cigar box guitars. More info on this guy can be found here: Very impressive talent on […]

Well, Now What?

Ok the annoying election ads are over for another 2 years. Thank God. I couldn’t afford another TV. ( I was about to pull a Elvis and do some indoor target practice). So that being said, lets see what happens now that the Elephants have control of the big white dome. You want my opinion […]