The Inside Stories…..

…… According to the Rock stars who wrote them…..  A number of “My Generation” musicians are bringing out their autobiographies and/or memoirs….  Dylan’s been out for a while, but, Keith Richards, Pete Townsend, Neil Young, and Rod Stewart have jumped on the band wagon…..  I’ve already read Keith’s “Life” and most of Neil’s, “Waging Heavy Peace”…..  I’ve bought Pete’s book (Who I Am), but haven’t read it yet – It just came out on October 8th, and Rod’s is due out on the 23rd of October…..  Both Keith’s and Neil’s are very interesting reads…..  Lots of inside stuff and really cool reading, of course, you have to be aware that this is from THEIR viewpoint and memories…..  I was amazed of the intricate detail that Keith remembers, even his early childhood and names of schoolmates and such from his long distant past…..  I tried reliving my childhood in my mind and I had lots of trouble remembering specific people, their names, and any sort of accurate timeline for way back then…..  Maybe all the drugs he did kept his memory alive and well – Maybe….  He’s now on the wagon (he says) 100% – Neil Young claims the same, but states that he is now having trouble writing new material!…..  I highly recommend any and all of the above books if you’re into music…..  Oh, Yeah, another book worth mentioning, although it came out in 1999, is Bill Wyman’s, “Rolling with The Stones”…..  It’s a coffee table size book with tons and tons of pictures and memorabilia…..  I think it’s the most accurate record of the Stones during, what I consider, their peak years, and Bill was well known as the historian for the Stones….  I checked it out at my local library…..  Take a break and do some reading – You might learn something new!……

3 Responses to “The Inside Stories…..”

  1. Remind me about the Hendrix book when you get up this way.

  2. All right, Anon, What’s happened to the Hendrix Book?….. I will be seeing you in the next few days as I will be heading that way very soon….. I will try to remember to mention – What book was that you were referring to? (Ha!)…. See ya S-o-o-o-n…….

  3. Nothing happened to it. Time to return it to your Hendrix collection.

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