Another One….

…Of those weird dates…..  Today is 10/11/12…..  OK, Big Deale-e-eh?…..  Apparently there are those out there who think so…..  According to the news, we have couples getting married because of the date today (I guess they think it will be easier to remember anniversaries), and women inducing birth so their kid will be born with the birth date of 10/11/12…..  Maybe some of our worldly problems would go away if those people would get REAL lives!…..

2 Responses to “Another One….”

  1. Of course, it’s not 10/11/12, it’s really 10/11/2012. Or 11/10/2012 using the more sensible European ordering.

    You’re welcome.

  2. I fully agree with you, HS….. Being ex-Military, I personally use 11OCT12 or 11OCT2012….. You have the floor, HS, go ahead and explain this to those people who just couldn’t wait to get married yesterday or force their child into this world earlier just to have a birth date or wedding anniversary with a supposed date of 10-11-12….. I’m sure they’ll nullify their weddings and push the bun back in the oven (yeah, right)….. Alas, we live in weird, if not stupid, times….. I wonder what the thinking will be next year on 11/12/13 (12NOV13)?…. H-m-m-m…..

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