“Everybody’s Has Something…..

……to Hide Except Me and My Monkey (Beatles)…..  Whatcha’ got to hide, Mr. Prez?…..  Alleged association with guns and drugs can’t be good for your campaign…..  Using Executive Powers to curtail access to the facts is a really DUMB move…..  Even if you, Mr. Prez, had nothing to do with it, playing that card puts you and your co-harts right in the boiling stew pot……  Good Luck in 2012 (you’re gonna need it)……

7 Responses to ““Everybody’s Has Something…..”

  1. As much as I hate to admit it but all prezes have done this. From LBJ onward. Especially Nixon, and Bush II. Seems the Rep. Have done it more than the Dem’s. That’s why all politicians are Lyin’ C**kSu**ke*s

  2. I don’t have anything, much less to hide, and where is this monkey that you speak of. Surely you are not calling Mr. Prez a monkey. He’s a liar not a monkey.

  3. Robo, I’m ashamed of you!…… There’s only one living being, other than a real Monkey, in the MR Community – P.D. Bob!….. He’s hopping mad at you now….. Expect a visit from him soon – He in the planning room right now hard at work……

  4. Cool I was bored any way. Any idea what kind of distraction (or is that destruction (my spelling is not very good)) P.D. Bob is going to provide?

  5. I think you may be right of both counts – First, there will a distraction, and then, destruction…… He has the door to the planning room locked and bolted…… All I know is that every once in a while I hear him muttering Prairie Dog obscenities….. These are usually before, but, mostly after there is a HQ shaking detonation…..

  6. I don’t know why P.D.Bob is SO UPSET I just ask where the monkey you mentioned was. So where is this monkey. Besides I sent Gizmo and Sassy on a recon. They reported that they found the remains of some stuffed monkeys and the smell of cordite. That was this morning.

  7. P.D.B. claims you were comparing him to the Prez….. To him, that’s a BIG No-No and a major insult….. Looks like the distraction has started with the stuffed Monkey parts…. About the Monkey, it was one of PDB’s code names, but, I can tell you that PD Bob has friends at the OKC Zoo – Primate House….. ‘Nuff said….. Beware…..

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