Nearing the END!…..

I can’t believe it!…..  I just got here seconds ago, and, it’s already time to start packing to leave!….  IT’S NOT FAIR….  …But, it’s been great!…..  Stuffed about two months of serious goofing-off into nine (9) days (minus two (2) days of travel time – Where’s Scotty and all that beaming technology we’re supposed to have had by now?)…..  I’ll probably need at least a couple of weeks just to recover when I get back to Oklahoma…..  Do I have to go back?…..  Haven’t I served my sentence yet?…..  Shouldn’t I get some extra time in Seattle for Good Behavior  (O.K., Fair Behavior)?…..  Yes, PD Bob, I’m am heading back soon, and, there WILL be a FORMAL INSPECTION and review of your actions, and that of your Brigade….  Better be very, very careful of what you document in the Official Reports…..  I Know you only too well….  See everybody soon…..

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  1. PD Bob’s gonna be pissed!….. I’ve came up with a way to stay in Seattle a couple more days!…. Jek is selling me his 240SX, and, instead of flying and putting up with those Security Butts, I get a half cross-county road trip….. It’s GREAT!….. I have lots of memory space on both my still and camcorder, plus I will now have a very, very reliable source of transportation….. Hate to say goodbye to my Raider, but it’s close to the 200,000 mile mark and every time I start it and go some place, I’m not sure if it will start again to get me home….. Sorry, Raider, but you must go…… See everyone just a tad later…..

  2. kewl! Call me if you need Nav. aid

  3. #3 by MRambler

    I will indeed, Mr. J….. ….Also, we’re going to conduct a intensive DOGG tape search tonight….. Thought you might like to know I didn’t forget the main objective of this trip!…. Happy Motoring……

  4. try this. I90E, I82S-E, I84E, I84/15S, I80E, US287S at Laramie, WY. at Ft. Collins, CO. CO14 Turn Left, to I25S. I270E, I70E, at Limon, CO. US287S, at Lamar, CO US50E, to Dodge City, KS. US283S, Just south of Laverne, OK. Turn Left onto OK3 EB. Stay on that until either Watonga, OK. Turn Right to I40, or stay on 3 turns into NW Hwy. Happy Motoring.

  5. that should be aprox. 2000 mi.

  6. I’m assuming that you are either, 1. Lost forever in the basement during the Tape search., 2. Contimplating the route I suggested., or 3. Enroute and having a Ball singing and driving. Enquiring (little) minds wanna know.

  7. I saw him he’s here in OKC somewhere. Probably sleeping after driving all night.

  8. WOW!!! It’s amazing how much more one can do without the federal government sitting next to you, telling you when you can drive. Happy Slumbers MR, see ya laterdobye.

  9. #9 by MRambler

    Mr. J., Tarn and Jek did my route mapping, which varied somewhat from yours, but, mostly, as a matter of fact all of it, from one block from Jek’s house, was four lanes or more and all Inter-States until I exited off at Britton Road and drove on in to MR HQ….. With all the hub-bub of the car deal, the DOGG tape search kinda got pushed into the background, But, Jek promised he would turn them over to me when they are found and we got the location down to about a 10x12x8 area of boxes he brought from Oklahoma….. I think we may get them in the near future!…..

    The drive back was something – I drove in rain the first 500 miles until I decided I had had enough and spent the night in Boise, Idaho after 8 hours of cruising….. The next morning, I got up, ate, and headed out – I pulled a 24 hour Le Mans straight through to my door – Stopping only for gas/bathroom breaks/snacks…. I should have not driven at night through Kansas and Oklahoma – The Moon was shining brightly, but, it sounded as if I were driving in rain – I must have killed 2 million or so bugs of every size and description – I’m sure the 240SX was not happy with the bug juice all over it….. I did take it to the car wash today and gave it the most expensive clean-up, but, there are still some bug remains left….. I’ll take it and finish them off at a do-it-yourself car wash….. When I arrived at MR HQ, the car clock was set to Pacific Time, my watch was set to Mountain Time, and house clocks all were set to Central Time…… What an Adventure!……

    With all the non-drivers on the road, all the road repairs going on, all the regulations/weigh stations and Ports of Entry, I don’t know how you can maintain your sanity, Mr. J., being a long haul trucker….. Oh, I forgot, that’s be gone a long time (Ha!)…….

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