T-o-o Fast!…..

Already in the third day of my Seattle getaway!….  Going by – way, way too fast!…..  Already visited with Jimi – shot some video, checked-in with Anon, and lots of other fun stuff….  Going to hear some live music tonight, etc., etc…..  Working on a Jek ordained MR To-Do List”…..  Nothing backbreaking, just some cool odds and ins that need the personal MR touch……  AND, YES, The Space Needle is on the schedule!…..  I’ll be selling mementos to any interested parties when I get back……  Got some Goofing-Off to do – Report in later!….  J.J./Robo – Check up on PD Bob – make sure he hasn’t blown anything or anybody up yet…..  Having a GREAT time – Everyone should have came along – You’re missing it (Ha!)…..  Again, it’s going by way too fast….

6 Responses to “T-o-o Fast!…..”

  1. I dropped by the HQ to check on PB Bob and check out the underground additions that PB Bob and his battalion are working on.
    Boy was PB Bob glad to see me, his battalion had revolted and thrown him in the Brig. He promised to be good if I let him out. I told him I would think about it, but left him there. HQ looks good, I will probably go let PD Bob out later today, after all, he will do less damage than his battalion.

  2. DON’T DO IT Robo. Don’t let him fool you, He will say anything to get out. Remember He’s a crafty Furbot.

  3. Listen to J.J. on this one, Robo…. PDB is also very, very, fast and super sneaky….. He’s also an expert at camouflage….. Remember the “Eek the Cat” episode with the Australian version of PD Bob?….. He hid behind a single flower without being seen…. PD Bob can hide behind a grain of sand, and if he has to, anything smaller if a grain of sand is not available……

  4. To late I already went back over there and the cage was full of his battalion and no sign of PD Bob. I let his battalion out of the cage and instructed them to find out what he’s up to. I motivated them by telling them that PD Bob will not forget that they put him in a cage. I plan to check in on the HQ tomorrow morning see if they found him or if he found them. I figure one or the other will be in the cage.

  5. No need to look for him there, Robo…. He’s headed for Seattle – He’s after me because I left him behind while taking (in his little pea-sized brain) a Vacation…… Actually, Jek and I have been working on some major Household projects ( under cabinet LED lighting, etc.) – More work than Vacation, although, I’m not saying that there hasn’t been a fair amount of goofing off and having fun…… Let me know if you locate the Furbot, but, I’m sure I need to watch my back……

  6. I went by the HQ to check out the place all’s well, the brig is empty – no sign of PD Bob or his battalion. I did notice a note on the dry erase board from PD Bob.

    I forgive you – it’s not your fault that you threw me in the brig. I have a plan to get even with he who is responsible. If you wish to partake in my revenge meet me in Seattle. After all, if Jek had not gone to that ballet, none of this would have happened.

    I will go by and snoop around the HQ later today or tomorrow and see if PD Bob or his battalion left any clues as to what their up to.

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