Prez. 2012?

Ok campers, it’s time to do the deed again.
I refer you to two previous posts/discussions:
History In The Making 2008
The Next Prez.
Not to pat myself on the back pat,pat,pat, But I called it back then. So in the same vain as then, Who do you think will be sitting in the big chair at 1600 Pennsylvania after noon on inauguration day?
1st. Who will come out of the GOP debauchle on top? I say ole Mitt himself. Not because I want him to, but because It’s already been decided. Yup the GOP machine has already decided the outcome, and all this Primary/Caucus BS is just to put on the Illusion that the political process is really still in our hands.
That being said. who do you think will come out on top in Nov?
What does Romney have to counter Obama with? I am pretty sure that Barack is gonna run on the Patriot ticket, ie: “I got Bin Laden, I got Qudafi, I got the troops out of Iraq.
While the GOP is trying to run on the Back to the Future Ticket, ie: The America of 1950’s values and Morals is what you need.
I personally want Obama and his administration out of power. Not because of what they have done to the Economy but, What they have done to my industry. His Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood, and his lackey Director of the FHWA Anne Ferro, have done everything they possibly can to see that the special interest groups have the final say in the trucking industry, and that we don’t know whats good for ourselves. They have made it extremely difficult to make a living in trucking anymore, and would like nothing better than us to be implanted with microchips detailing our every move and thought 24/7. And they want a “Master Race” of drivers, 5’10” 150 lbs 25 to 35 years of age, non smokers, who don’t listen to the radio, or talk on cell phones. Do nothing but Drive, sleep, Drive,Sleep, Go Home, Sleep. start over again.
Sorry bout the rant.
So Kids, Who will it be this time? Time to let the chads start flying. Or Hanging in Florida.

6 Responses to “Prez. 2012?”

  1. Best hair; Mitt
    Best sweater vest: Sanatorium
    Best visionary for loony toons on the moon: The Newt
    Best at hoops: Obama

    After GOP convention circus, hair will win it for Mitt . Much jockyen for VP. Could it be Sanatorium? Women say no, please no.

    Obama wins with a three pointer.

  2. interesting take on the circus.

  3. Santorum’s out.

  4. …And so the plan begins to take shape straight from the drawing broad in some secret room deep, deep in Washington by those unknown to Joe Public (Us), who actually run our Government, but want us to think we really had a part in shaping our Government…. Yeah, Right!…. How does that go? – For the Few, By the Few, Screw the People?….. I think that about sums it up!……

  5. So much for the tailors that were banking on the return of the sweatervest.

  6. So, I guess, Mr. J., that we’ll be stuck with the Mittney retro ’50’s farmer John’s blue jean look?….. I remember seeing him wearing the ugliest, most ill-fitting pair of jeans in my life one time on TV when he was in some farming State…. I didn’t notice if he had the cuffs of the jeans rolled up in “High Water” mode or not…… Opie would’ve be proud….. I figure the tailors should be able to make a few bucks if the “High Water” look returns….

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