“Temperature’s Rising”…..

That’s a line from “Cold Turkey” by John Lennon…… Right now it fits Oklahoma – We keep jumping from Spring to Summer to Winter – back to Summer, etc……

I’ll make this short and not-so-sweet – “The Climate it’s a ‘Changin’ “ It was 94 degrees in OKC yesterday, this broke the existing high record set in 1895 – Yes, that’s 116 years!….. In the next day or so – It’s back to the ’70’s for highs….. “This Weather – Has Got Me – On The Run, ah-h-h-h, ah-h-h… (sung to the tune of “Cold Turkey”)

5 Responses to ““Temperature’s Rising”…..”

  1. I read that your area is in a big drought…Texas in a bad way.

  2. It’s so dry we have to water the dirt roads to get dust.

  3. Anon, PLEASE Don’t confuse us Okie’s with those Tex-ass-ans….. Hardest hit is Western Oklahoma – The Wheat crop is null and void this year….. The drought includes Oklahoma City (along the I-35 corridor), but not too far to the East of that, Eastern Oklahoma has had above normal precipitation, along with being the starting point for all those deadly tornado carrying severe storms that ravaged the South…..

    Yeah, I admit West Texas has had it’s dry spell ,too, but, Tex-ass is so big, who noticed?……

    …And Robo’s right – You have to add water to make powder…..

  4. Talk about screwed up In the last 2.5 weeks I have went thru all 4 seasons. Spring here, Winter in Maine, Summer in Houston, Fall in The eastern seaboard. Although I did happen to come thru here for the annual rain storm last Wednesday.

  5. ….and there’s more on the way……. YaHoo! Yuch!…….

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