In Memory Of…..

…..One of the “Coolest Cats” to ever roam The Great White North…… On 18JAN2011 we lost Rainy Cat to kidney disease…… This is more than an MRRC Report, as Rainy Cat was family…… She, along with her two (2) partners, Holstein the Cat and Gimli the Frog, controlled and ran the Jek/Tarn residence since their friendly takeover of the property by Rainy Cat and Gimli in the late ’90’s….. Holstein joined the power duo when Jek/Tarn moved to their present location in the early ’00’s…..

She trained her human protégées well, and in return let them take her for walks in the snow, watch her sit under the rosebushes on the sun deck, and would never leave a lap unwarmed….. She will be missed but never forgotten…… So-o-o, pour yourself a bowl of milk and grab one of your favorite treats and give one last toast to Rainy CatOne of the Best from the Great Northwest……

RIP Rainy Cat (~1997-2011)

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  1. Sorry to hear this, Jek and Tarn. From what we’ve heard, she was a great cat. Wasn’t she radioactive at one time? 🙂

  2. I never heard that she was radioactive….. HS, are you talking about the song, “Radioactive”, or a “Radioactive Rainy Cat”?….. Maybe it was for some cancer treatment – Works (sometimes) in Humans….. Any details, Jek?…..

  3. We really miss her. She was cuddly, friendly, and always in search of a lap. And she loved veggies, especially tomatoes. She was unique that way.

    @HS: Good memory. She was radioactive in early 2009 to treat her hyperthyroidism. That was a strange time. For a short time, it was tough for us to deny her a lap as we were supposed to limit our exposure to her to an hour a day. Also we had to collect her pee and poo to keep for 80 days, which is the half-life of the isotope; otherwise the garbage truck geiger counter would go off. Ding Ding!

  4. Neat… I never heard the full story behind that.

    Wow, I’ve never known a cat to eat tomatoes.

  5. I can testify to the vegetable munching….. Anytime Jek or Tarn started chopping veggies, Rainy Cat would be doing figure 8’s around their legs waiting on her veggie fix….. Tomatoes were on the top of her “Hit Parade” of veggie treats….. Stranger than fiction, but true…..

  6. We are greatly Saddened by this news. As everyone should know No home is complete without a Cat. Especially one with the personality of Rainy Cat. She will be greatly missed.

  7. Alas, Poor J, We knew her well…..

  8. We have, at one time or another, all lost loved ones, time will make it better and the memories fonder.

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