Fooling Myself?……

I just ran across the August 30, 2000 copy of the “Oklahoma Gazette” which had a large article on Norman (OK), 1970 with some photos….. One of them was the Jimi Hendrix poster for his May 8 concerts….. It was one of his last concerts before his death in September of ’70…… I didn’t make it to either of them, which, to me, is the concert that I regret missing more than any I can now think of, and I have always used the excuse that I didn’t hear about it until it was already over….

BUT, I have been doing a lot of brain digging and soul searching here lately, and, I have to admit at that time I wasn’t a big Hendrix fan….. That hurts just saying that…… I was into “Beatles” (they were in the process of breaking up) and “Stones” (Let It Bleed was going strong), and, in Oklahoma, Hendrix, Zappa, Alice Cooper, and groups in the “FAR OUT” zone didn’t get much airplay…..

So-o-o, I guess I’m admitting I’ve been fooling myself all these years, and just passed on seeing Jimi, thinking ah-h-h, if he’s any good he’ll be back sometime and I’ll catch his act then….. It just goes to show you that you never know…… A deeply missed opportunity indeed…. ” ‘Cuse Me While I Kiss The Sky“……

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  1. You know what they say about Hind sight. If we beat our selves up over every missed opportunity we would be Black and Blue all over constantly. And you know as well as any other musician that what you are into at any given time is relevant to what is going on around you. I know that Okla Radio did not embrace many good musicians until it was considered “Classic “. Those of you who were aware back then you were force fed what the program directors wanted you to hear, Also remember payola was still running hot then, So all we heard for so long was what WKY and for a while KLPR wanted us to hear and no more. Cant blame anyone for not being very aware of much good music except the establishment. Remember we came up with the DOGG slogan for a reason. “We don’t play the music you want to hear, We play the music you NEED to hear!!”

  2. Yep, the late, great radio station of DOGG-FM….. The bulk of the recordings are still in the hands of Jek, who refuses to release them to the public….. …..Although, after thinking about it, that might not be a bad idea…..

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