Bye Sarah, Thanks for calling

Will some one please tell the Palin Family (And I do not mean Michael) that their 15 minutes is up, and please crawl back under whatever pile of Moose Dung they came from up there in the tundra. The fact that anyone even pays attention to what they are up to or saying…………..OK you got me there, If I throw a stick will they leave GO AWAY

5 Responses to “Bye Sarah, Thanks for calling”

  1. When ever one else is trying to take away my rights (gun control) or spend my money (health care, stimulus), or let criminals take over the social benefits (immigration) I kind of like what she is saying. Power to the people we’re supposed to have the say not the press or the politicians. So I say go Sarah. Much rather have Sarah then Clinton.

  2. You’re right, Mr. J., She’s had her 15 minutes of fame, and, should realize it’s time to hibernate, but, I also agree with Robo, in that we have much worse people in high places right now than her….. I, Me, Mine people like the Clintons and the O’Bummers….. The U. S. of A. is difinitely between a rock and a hard place, and, a handbasket to Hell seems like a likely mode of transportation in the near future…..

  3. Ok I agree with both of you, As mainly I do. I guess what I am saying is Right message, wrong messenger.

  4. Agreed.

  5. Right message, wrong messenger Good way to put it

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