People Just – Part II…..

Before you read this Post, be sure you read Part I of this PDB Adventure, if you haven’t, scroll down about three posts and read “People Just….” and all the comments (yeah, I know I could’ve put a link to it, but, I don’t remember exactly how, and, after all, it’s only three Posts back – Give me a break – I promise to do the link thing on the next Part)…..

As we left off in Part I, we had entered the VA and taken notice of the first of the “Common Courtesy” signs….. As you enter the VA from the North end at the ground floor level, you are faced with a very lo-o-n-g hallway which you have to negotiate in order to get to any of the clinics (called modules) or services available….. Now, I know from experience, that it doesn’t matter how wide a hallway, an aisle, or even a football field is, it only takes one human (or human-like entity) to impede and/or completely block your forward progression in such a way it makes you think that they are placed there on purpose and are well trained in the art of keeping you from your destination…..

The VA hallway is about 12 ft. wide and usually fairly crowded depending on the time of day….. Since I had an early appointment (0730 hrs), the 1/4 mile long hallway on this particular morning had only one (1) lone human-like entity slowly moving in the direction we needed to go in a serpentine fashion (that’s right to left -left to right – and very slowly forward all at the same time)….. The entity turned out to be a VA employee who had his nose (and his mind?) stuck in some poor Veteran’s file and was totally unaware of the existence of anyone else…. I tell you, it didn’t take PDB but a couple of seconds to become fed-up with the situation and take action!…..

We were about 20 feet behind the human obstruction and gaining on him fast…. PD Bob went into a ninja stance, and, with a grunt and growl, took off like a rocket…. As he reached maximum prairie dog velocity, he went into a ninja slide resembling a baseball player sliding into home base (I heard the Yankees tried to recruit him once, but, that’s a different story)….. He hooked his little combat boots around the man’s shoes and ever so smoothly slid him over to the right side of the hallway…. It looked like a pro bowler picking up a 7-10 split….. It was so smooth, the HLE (human-like entity) was totally unaware that he had been moved at all!…. It was great – I immediately sped-up and passed him as quickly as possible…. PDB caught up with me, chuckling and slapping the dirt off of his fatigues, while making some off-color remarks about the cleanliness of the building and it’s maintenance staff…..

I said to PDB, “I guess that proves no one reads or heeds signs”…. PDB quickly replied, “Just don’t be to quick to judge there, MR, that was just one Bozo”…. He was right, we had only made it to the first right-hand turn taking us into another long hallway which led to Module D (clinic) and my appointment…. I made a mental note of, “yes, it was going to be a long day”……

End of Part II – Stay tuned for Part III coming soon (maybe later – we’ll just have to see)…. Same rules apply – Make your questions, comments, and slurs known and I will do my best to debunk them…..

6 Responses to “People Just – Part II…..”

  1. MR: When did PDB go thru LRRP/LRP. Ranger Training? These seem like classic LRP E&E moves. Also Who flies the C&C ship when you and PDB Insert into the VA LZ? Also also, Instead of Modules the different clinics should be called AO’s (Area Of Operations)

  2. Seems like the problems with the VA AO is not the Vets but the REMF’s

  3. MR, tell PDB as soon as he has to pay for all of his expenses himself, he may appreciate the VA a little more.
    We non government involved retirees are getting quite apprehensive about how we are going to pay for health care. Prescriptions or food could be a tough choice.

  4. J.J., I see you’re retaining an impressive amount of the books you’re been borrowing from me…… One Note: An AO includes all the area you may have a mission in, so, therefore, the individual clinics (Modules) would be a specific location within that AO…… Yep, the REMF’s moved from the rear lines in the war zones to cushy jobs at the VA…..

    Sunn, I have no complaints with the VA…. It has more than met my expectations and needs….. I have only been in the VA system since 2004, and, once you again get a military mindset (the VA is set-up and run exactly like a hospital on a military base), it’s not that hard to get what you need, when you need it….. There is still the old “hurry up and wait” thing going that is SOP in the military…..

    PDB doesn’t qualify for VA Benefits….. That’s why he’s some what peeved….. The VA doesn’t have a furry rat module….

  5. Better keep PDB away from the animal experiment module. They’ll grab his furry little ass.

  6. You’re right, Anon, I told him that the VA didn’t have a furry rat module, but, I didn’t fill him in on the secret furry rat experimental lab….. We’ll have to see if he find’s it in Part III……

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