People Just…..

……Don’t read signs – Or, if they do, they don’t HEED them….. I’m here to offer proof with the help of Prairie Dog Bob (PDB)…..

As we last heard, PDB was off to Washington via his underground network….. Well, he made a quick stop back here to refill his Stainless Steel Flask with HE-HWB (High-Explosive Harvey WallBanger)….. Just to be sure, he grabbed an extra flask – He knew he was headed into the “Zone of the Unknown”Washington Termites being his target….. I told him I had a couple of VA appointments, and, he immediately jumped at the chance to go along…. “Just to check out the VA’s operation”, PDB said…. PDB didn’t want to miss the opportunity to investigate a Government facility….. Now back to the proof…..

We arrived at the gate, and the guard checked my ID…. He didn’t ask for PD Bob’s ID, but, PDB forced him to look at his UIA (Underground Investigation Authority) badge and card…. PDB told the guard, in no uncertain terms, that, “Some rules are there for good reason, and, security tops the list”….. I knew it was going to be a lo-o-n-ng day…. NOW, back to the proof…..

As we entered the building, I noticed some new signs in strategically located places….. They were about 18″x24″ – white lettering on a dark brown background….. The signs read as follows: NOTE: Common Courtesy is REQUIRED “Damn!”, exclaimed PDB, “A sign in a Government facility that actually makes sense – I’m friggin’ amazed!”….. Remember the title of this post, “People Don’t” – Well, they didn’t…..

END OF PART I – Stay tuned for Part II of this exciting continuing PD Bob Adventure“PDB meets the VA”…. (Note: As I am still documenting and writing this tale, I can’t say how many parts there will be, and, I am not sure whether I will make it a separate Post or just continue it as Comments to this Post….. As I said – STAY TUNEDThe best is yet to come)….. (Note 2: In the meantime, feel free to make any assumptions, comments, or questions….. I will answer them – Good, Bad, or Ugly….)

12 Responses to “People Just…..”

  1. Just who is this PD Bob and how would I recognize him on the street?

  2. Anon, you probably wouldn’t. PDB has a doggie style “Clark Kent” alter ego.

  3. Sunn, don’t buy what Anon sellin’…… He generating misinformation….. Anon and I worked-up a rough police type sketch of PD Bob in his basic uniform and equipment load when I was in Seattle earlier this year…. Anon knows what PDB does to anyone who gives away his identity, but, I think its safe since PD Bob’s already chewed me out over it….. PD Bob still refuses to let me post it, but, I think I can work around him and post it when he leaves on one of his underground missions….

    You are right, Sunn, PD Bob goes public in many different disguises – The most successful is his Seeing Eye Dog disguise….. He can get in about anywhere as long as he can talk a stupid human (usually me) into playing a blind man….. Luckily, I love wearing sunglasses and a white cane comes in handy in moving morons out of your way……

    Most of the time, though, he just goes around as himself….. How many people are going to admit they just seen a prairie dog strutting around in SWAT armor asking questions and demanding answers?….. I know for a fact, in most cases, your mind tells you what your eyes see, therefore, most people’s mind just reject the idea of seeing PDB, which, makes him virtually invisible……

    PART II of “PDB meets the VA” will be posted Sunday….. PDB is giving me problems on the details….. He wants to make sure he comes out as the “BIG HERO” of the story…….

  4. Busted!

  5. Yes, Sir, Anon, busted like one of Gallagher’s watermelons!….. PD Bob somehow found out I was going to post one or both of the sketches, policed them up, and, hid them somewhere in his vast underground headquarters…… But, I know his favorite hiding places and the security codes that go with them…… Shouldn’t take more than a few days to find them….. I’ll have one of them up and posted within the week!….. Gotta Go, I hear PDB stomping up the hallway…….

  6. Oh, Yeah, Because of PD Bob sticking his nose in, and, me not realizing it was Father’s Day today, The next installment OF PDB’s Adventure will be posted tomorrow sometime……

    It’s my day and I’m takin’ it off, and, I recommend all of you fathers out there do the same…… Signing off ’til tomorrow……

  7. Seems like PDB is a pretty good organizer. I smell some sort of grassroots movement. I have an unusually large hound he could recruit to be his bodyguard.

  8. As long as your hound can imitate a seeing eye dog and take orders without question, Sunn, PD Bob said he might be able to find a spot for him on a mission in the future….. Of course, PDB also said your hound will have to furnish his own “stupid Human” in order for the ploy to work…….

  9. My hound already has a stupid human, ready to go. Me! He’s trained me really well.

  10. I don’t know if I would be very fast on the volunteering thing, Sunn….. Once PD Bob knows he’s in “COMMAND”, he turns into Patton – “Old Blood and Guts” in a half pint-sized package…. The problem is he thinks he’s in command all the time….. So be aware and be prepared if you go on a PDB Adventure…… It’s like an Acme/Looney Tunes Production with Daffy Duck in charge…..

  11. Most of the time I feel like I’m in a Looney Tunes Production.

  12. I think the whole World has entered into the Looney Tunes zone, it’s just that the Acme anvils actually hurt when they hit you on the head….

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