I was reading in the BIG BOOK and reached “r” and then “re” and then “red”. I was surprised at how many phrases or words start with “red”. So, how many words or phrases start with “red”. The winner gets bragging rights once again. I invested everything with Madoff.

Here’s one “I BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW”.

“Discovering in his mouth a tongue
He must

his palaver balk;
So keeps it running all day long,
And fancies his red rag can talk.”

Red Rag (The). The tongue. In French, Le chiffon rouge; and balancer le chiffon means to prate.

13 Responses to “A CONTEST”

  1. Red Rubber Ball (The Cyrkle, Written by Paul Simon. “The worst song I ever Wrote”ps)
    Red Skies at Night (The Fixx)
    Red Sky at Night (David Gilmour)
    Red (King Crimson 1974)
    Red Sky at Night, Sailors Delight. Red Sky at Dawn Sailor Go Home.
    Red Dawn (A film starring Patrick Swayze)
    Red River (Film Starring John Wayne, The last film shown at the Royal theatre in “The Last Picture Show”) (The Border between Oklahoma and Texas)
    Red River Rivalry ( The annual Football Game Between the OK Sooners and the University of Texas)
    Red, In The (Refers to being Monetarily challenged)
    Red Ass, Having a Case of the. (Upset,Mad)
    Red Army (The Slang reference to the Soviet Army)
    Red Cross, The (The universal aid organisation)
    ……………..Snooze You Loose Guys…………………………….

  2. Red Crescent
    Red Lenses (Rush)
    Red Sector A (Rush)
    red shift (physics)
    Red Death (Poe)
    red scare (Commies)
    Red Riding Hood
    Red Rain (Peter Gabriel)
    red tide
    Red Hot Chili Peppers

  3. Red Dog (Renowned OKC Strip Club)
    Red Roses (Plant)
    Red Zone (Football)
    Red Flag (Football)
    Red Eye Express (Flying)
    Red, Red Wine (Neil Diamond)
    Red Rover (childhood jargon)
    Red Apple (Fruit)
    Red Beans (Vegetable)
    Red Rock Amphitheatre (Colorado)
    Red Rock Canyon (National Treasure)
    Red Bull (Energy Drink)
    Red Stripe (Beer)
    Red Head (Hair)
    Red Legs (Cincinnati Baseball Franchise)
    Red House (Jimi Hendrix)
    Red Lobster (Restaurant)
    Red Wings (Detroit Pro Hockey Franchise)
    Red Ranger (BB Gun)
    Red Square (City Square in Moscow)
    Red Light District (neighborhood of ill repute)
    Red Light (Stop Light)
    Red Sox (Boston pro baseball franchise)
    Red, White & Blue (US flag colors)
    Red Clay (Substitute for Dirt in Oklahoma)
    Red Dirt Music (Musical genre)
    Red Rooster (chicken)

  4. Sunn,

    Red Ranger or Red Rider BB Gun??

  5. Sunn: I bow to the superior Intellect. Mainly because I can’t believe I didn’t think of My former Home away from Home/Bank The Red Dog Saloon.

  6. I believe you’re right, anon. This was from the classic Christmas movie (the title escapes me at the moment). BTW,as a child, how many other things were there that would put your eye out?

  7. J.J., the Red Dog was that the first one that came to mind. I wonder why? Maybe a Freudian thing.

  8. Things that mom said would put your eye out: sticks, rocks, and “don’t shove beans up your nose”. But, we’re getting off track.

  9. You know, At one time the Red Dog was going to name a new wing after me. Lord knows I paid for several renovations.
    I thought of another one
    Red Line: (The Maximum RPM one can rev an engine to before damage)

  10. Oh yeah, The name of the movie was “A Christmas Story”

  11. My buddies & I always thought we were doing a good deed. Helping young women pay their way through college.

  12. That’s as good as any excuse I ever used.

  13. Other “reds” from the Big Book.


    Basque cap
    cross knight
    hand of Ulster
    -laced jacket
    -latticed phrases
    -letter day
    rose night

    For definitions, you can ask and I’ll look them up.

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