So You Think Detroit Can’t Go Green

Check out this site. Co Sponsored by our old friend Neil Young.

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    1. Speaking of Neil Young, if any of you are a big fan of his, a new CD has been released & is fantastic. It’s a live acoustic concert he did in 1968 right after Buffalo Springfield disbanded. Excellent sound, narrative, song selection & was a sign of things to come. My favorite CD of the last several years.

    2. #2 by huskysooner

      Maybe he’s finally found his true calling.

      Sounds like a fun project. But doing the conversion on a 300SL Mercedes would be so much cooler than a dumb old Lincoln.

      From the bowels of the website:
      “Efficiency in the self-charging electric car is the big decider. If the efficiency of your charging system allows you to make electricity with less financial cost than buying it from the grid, then your car can power your house and turn the meter backwards to reduce or eliminate your electric bill.”

      Does anybody seriously think that I could produce electricity running an internal combustion engine at home cheaper than the local coal/gas/nuclear/hydro plant?? What about local emissions and noise? Wear and tear on the car? What about the inefficiency of power inversion?

      And 65 mph???? Isn’t this much more fun?:,250000598,10001502,00.htm
      (Admittedly, it’s “only” 125 mph rather than the usual 180+).

    3. hs: I agree about the mercedes. But it gives me hope that one can take any iron tank and make it green/functional. The technology is there, so why can’t detroit just embrace it. other than the hold big oil has on the auto industry. As for the Lincoln, I’m thinking that they took the most over the top fuel guzzler they could find to make their statement with, so why can’t the same thing be done with a Mini Van or a SUV in a mass production setting?

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