Lucky 13……

I figure today’s got to be my Lucky Day…… The norm for me comes from the old blues line, “If it wasn’t for Bad Luck, I’d have no Luck at all”….. So, everybody else, watch your step and be careful, and have a safe Friday the 13th…… I’m going to have a great day!….. (Owww, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up – just kidding!)

3 Responses to “Lucky 13……”

  1. Yeah, have a good one! My Friday 13th’s have been relatively uneventful. Didn’t we just have one of these, or was that just a quiz on F the 13th?

  2. I think it was a question on one of the Quiz’s?….. Maybe?….. It was about the origins thereof….. I think…… You know we have enough material on this blog to publish a book….. Think there’s a market out there for all these Ramblings?…..

  3. I guess the 13th was unlucky for me, I got stuck in CO. over the weekend. I can’t seem to convince the company that I have a life outside of that cab.

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