MR’s De-Evo Quiz-e-O….

May I present to you: The Quiz ( You know the rules, bah-bah-bah, etc):

1. Where did the Hatfields and McCoys live?
2. What are the highest and lowest elevations in the United States?
3. How do you tell the age of a fish?
4. How do archer fish “shoot” their victims?
5. What is the origin of “to go scot free”?
6. Who made the first transatlantic flight?
7. In how many films did Basil Rathbone play Sherlock Holmes?
8. What are close encounters of the first and second kind?
9. Who won the first World Series?

Point Values awarded not only for correctness, but also for originality, weirdness, and humor….. In other words, MR Is In Control (Devo)…..

5-Point BONUS – This is from a joke by Steven Wright, but, I’m looking for a straight answer – If you driving along at the speed of light, and you turn on your headlights, would they work?…. Along with Yes or No, I need Why or Why not…… Be creative on this one, as I really don’t have a set answer….. START YOUR SMARTS!……

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  1. 3. Count the rings on a scale… a tree.

    2. Death Valley…lowest . My McKinley, highest

    7. I think only one but ,maybe two……or three, or maybe a bunch.

    Bonus: Your lights would be on but, you would be in the dark…..I have the same trouble at much slower speeds.

  2. 5. Some use a Glock. Others use a dart. It’s a matter of preference.

    6. Lindy.(that’s got to be wrong. I think he was first to to it alone.)

  3. 2. Lowest….you counting under water?

  4. Let’s see – I have answers from Anon, Anon, and Anon!….. Let’s see what you’ve won…..

    #2 – Anon gets Two (2) Points – The highest elevation is Mount (not My) McKinley, Alaska, at 20,320 feet. The lowest is Death Valley, California, at 282 feet below sea level. The average elevation of the United States is 2,500 feet.
    #3 – Anon gets One (1) Point – The scales provide the best clue. Scaleless when born, fish grow scales under their outer layer of skin to provide waterproofing. As they age, most species add growth rings – that is, increase the size of their scales to cover their larger bodies. With a very old fish, however, there are fewer additions, making it difficult to pinpoint its age. This method also does not work for fish without scales, such as a catfish.
    #5 – I’m confused as to whether you are trying to answer question #4 or #5, anyway, you would be wrong on both of them. #4 is about how an archer fish “shoots” its victim – not how you would shoot an archer fish, and #5 is about going scot free. You could escape by using a gun or a dart, but, I don’t think you’d get away scot free. No Points……
    #6 – Anon gets One (1) Point – Charles Lindbergh’s 1927 flight, May 20 to 21, was the first “solo” transatlantic flight, but, not the first transatlantic flight. Two (2) more Points are available.
    #7 – I’ll make you answer a hint – It was more than Three (3) – No Points……
    BONUS – As I said, I don’t have a set answer for this one, but, you are definitely thinking what I was thinking, so-o-o, I’m going to give you Two (2) Points now, and if no one comes up with something a lot better and more detailed, I’ll give you the other Three (3) Points at the end of the Quiz……

    Good goin’, Anon……

  5. 1. West Virginia?
    2. Mt McKinley, AK, and the Great Salt Lake?
    3. layers of scales?
    6. the first non-stop transatlantic flight was Lindbergh
    8. 1st is sighting a ufo, 2nd is seeing an alien?

    (didn’t read the other answers, sorry if these are dupes)

  6. 7. Old Basil had a voice. There’s a recording of him reading Poe’s “Raven”. Scary!

  7. 7. For one point…..Who wrote the first detective novel?

  8. TTop – You picked up a little…. Anon beat you to some of your answers…..
    #1 – I’m looking for more details, but, I am going to give TTop One-Half (.5) Point for giving me the State (West Virginia) that the Hatfields lived in. Points are available for the county, State and county the McCoys lived in, and, details of the actual location…..
    #8 – I’m going to give TTop One (1) Point for Close Encounter of the First Kind – The first kind is the sighting of UFO’s…. Your answer for the second kind is the same – sighting and seeing – No Points for that one…..

    Basil did have a voice – He also did many years of radio recordings of Sherlock Holmes adventures….. I have them on cassettes (before CD’s came out)….. I still enjoy listening to them on occasion….

    Co-o-o-l, Anon, you want your Quiz back?….. I’ll take a guess at Willie Shake-o-Sphere……..

    Are we already ready for clues?….. Come on with the answers……

  9. Not Willie.

    Nope. You’re doing fine. Bout time I did a DID YOU KNOW.

  10. Looks as if I had better make tomorrow (Thursday) Hint Day…… To be fair to the Great NW participants, it’ll be in the afternoon……

  11. MR,

    For a bonus point, what country was Basil born in? Found it in the paper this morning.

  12. Sorry ’bout not getting some hints up yesterday, but, I spent most of the day downloading and installing XP Service Pack 3….. I going to have to get high speed Internet one of these days……. It looks like I’m going to be really busy the next couple of days, so I will let this Quiz simmer until Sunday….. I promise to give some hints and/or the answers then…..

    My second guess on your question on the detective novel, Anon, would be Samuel Clemons aka Mark Twain….. As far as Basil is concerned, I would guess somewhere in Europe, maybe Austria?…..

  13. Basil was born in South Africa.

    First mystery was written by Poe and I believe it was “The Murders At Rue Morgue”.

  14. 1. Hatfields, W.Va McCoys, KY. Along the Tug Fork River.
    4. With Water
    5. Scot is a derivitave of the olde word “sceot” wich was a tax so those who got away without paying “got off Scot Free”
    6. Albert Read
    7. 14
    8. (1st) A Sighting. (2nd) An Observation and associated Physical Effects ie: Heat, Damage, Human/animal effects, Time loss.
    9. The Boston Americans vs The Pittsburgh Pirates Boston won 5 games to 3

  15. As for the 5 pt Bonus, If a quiz is posted and no one gets the right answer are points still awarded, If a tree falls in the forest does and no environmentalist hears it does it still make a spotted owl homeless? How many light years does it take those headlights to illuminate the deer that just ran across the road? How much wood could a woodchuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

  16. Okay – Due to my l-o-n-g delay, J.J. got to throw in some answers….. Let’s go through them and see if he gets any points…..

    1. J. picks up One and One Half (1.5) Points for Tug Fork and KY for the McCoys….. Here’s the full story: The families lived on opposite sides of a stream called Tug Fork in the Appalachian Mountains. The McCoys resided in Pike County, Kentucky, and the Hatfields in Logan County, West Virginia. How the feud got started is not known, but it got under way in earnest with the killing of a Hatfield in 1882. The fighting went on intermittently into the 1890’s and was not completely over until after 1910.
    4. One (1) more Point for J-man. Archer fish, members of the five species of the family Toxotidae, shoot arcs of water droplets at insects sitting on vegetation near lakes and streams, thereby, knocking them into the water where they become easy prey.
    5. Close enough for another One (1) Point. In Old English, scot meant a payment, or one’s share of a payment. To go scot free meant escaping that charge.
    6. And, another One (1) Point. Albert C. (“Putty”) Read and crew aboard the Lame Duck, May 16 to 27, 1919. They flew, with stops, from Trespassey Bay, Canada, to Plymouth, England. The first nonstop flight was that of John William Alcock and Arthur Whitten Brown, June 14 to 15, 1919. Lindbergh’s 1927 flight was the first solo flight.
    7. One (1) more Point. Fourteen. The first was The Hound of the Baskervilles in 1939. The last was Dressed to Kill in 1946.
    8. One (1) more Point, J. for the second kind. The first kind is the sighting of UFO’s. The second is the finding of physical evidence of UFO’s. A close encounter of the third kind is actual physical contact with UFO’s.
    9. And, another One (1) Point. The Boston Red Sox beat the Pittsburgh Pirates five games to three (in what was then a best-of-nine series), October 1 to 13, 1903.
    BONUS – I did say get creative, but, a trip around Venus is a bit much J., anyway, I will go ahead and give you One (1) Point for rambling. The Two (2) remaining Points go to Anon.

    THERE, that finally finishes this quiz…. I’ll Post a Points update as soon as I can sort through all this, and, I won’t forget Jek’s One (1) Point from Anon’s Post……

  17. Venus and Mars are allright tonight.

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