On The Move…..

My serious lack of Posts lately has been due to the impending move of MR HQ from Oklahoma to Seattle….. Well, maybe mostly….. Planning a move, especially one of this magnitude, is no easy matter and I haven’t even thought about what it’s going to take to actually get it done…… Living in a material world makes it hard to decide what to leave and what to take….. Ya just have to have ALL your stuff with you to survive….. Any suggestions on how to eliminate the “Don’t Need” from the “Must Have” without regretting it later?…..

Any Posts from the Community to take up the slack would be appreciated….. My access to the Blog will be limited over the next month or so at best….. In other words, a little help would be appreciated…… See Ya in the Great NW, eh?…..

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  1. Moven to Seattle, eh. Oklahoma gets the Sonics and we get you. Fair trade as long as we don’t have to buy you a stadium.

    Where are you planning on off putting your STUFF? In the basement? Before we develop a stuff sorting plan we need to know the available space….then I can explain the blindfold method in detail.

  2. Just a small stadium – say, T-Ball size will do…..

    That’s the problem, I don’t know how much space I’m going to have there…. I do know, just off the top of my head, that I have more than a bedroom full of “stuff” I want to bring…. How much more I won’t know until I get further along on sorting through the tons of “stuff” I have….. I asked Jek about how much storage places go for in Seattle, but, I haven’t heard back from him…… Storage cost would be a sorting factor….. Let me know what this “Blindfold” method is….. You’ve got me interested……

  3. Does this method have anything to do with putting him on a plane with one small bag, Blindfolded.?

  4. Hold on!, We get a bunch of over paid cry baby athletes who do nothing for our infrastructure, and you get one of the most talented Guitarists, songwriters, and free thinkers I have ever known. Fair trade, I think not!

  5. he, he. Sorry J.J. Drive your big ass truck out for a visit.

    Blindfold method: Designate two areas, one for STUFF to take and one for STUFF not to take. Pile ALL your STUFF in one pile. With the blindfold on (over your eyes) , throw your STUFF into either area, alternating between the two. That which lands in the not to take area, leave behind. That which lands in the to take area and is not broken, give away.

  6. MR,

    I made a couple of calls about storage……..

    5×10 ft. $107 month

    5×10 $132
    8×10 $143

    5×8 $75
    8×10 $140 both of these had one month half off

    Some had up front fees. Some wanted you to sign up for a period of time.
    Seems prices and deals vary a bit..

    PS. I can take the guitars. No problem.

  7. Anon, you must be reading our mind, we were just talking about asking you to do exactly that. As for a visit, I don’t know about driving the home away from home out there but we will be definately be coming up for a visit hopefully round x-mas time( If we are not moving also) Look forward to seeing you.

  8. J.J. X-mas in the rain? Best months are August and September….Some of July and October.


    When describing the storage space, I was never told 5x10x what (5x10x1?). One guy said 80 sq. ft. I believe he was talking about the 8×10. They were all heated with security. One place had a closet space. Some claim to be on line. Google up.

  9. Anon, I’m fairly sure that the storage areas in Seattle are similar to ones in Oklahoma….. A 5×10 storage space (about the max I would need) would have a ceiling height of 8′ to 10′ feet….. The 80 sq. ft. reference would be to the floor area….. If you’re talkin’ about 1′ height, you’re talkin’ cubic feet not square feet….. God, I hope they don’t price ’em in Seattle by cubic feet. That would make a 5’x10’x8′ space 400 cubic feet….. I don’t think I could afford that!…. …..And, NO, you can’t HAVE my guitars…… They sleep in the same room with me…..

    Your blindfold method won’t work for me….. I have no problem getting rid of the junk stuff I have….. It’s my extensive DVD, CD, and LP collections I’m going to have trouble with….. They are quite large and most of the LP’s were considered collectible and/or rare over 20 years ago…… I don’t want to just give them away or dump them, I think it would be worth it to bring them with me, store them, and sell them off on the Internet……

    I’ll do the google thing and give you a call the next day or two and we can discuss it in real time….. Thanks for the suggestions…… Remember just a small stadium……

  10. Your collectables are your 401ks……careful.

  11. I like the blindfold method. Nice one Anon.

    We welcome you to the Great NW. Leave your brella and bring your rain shell.

  12. I don’t own a “brella”, but, thanks to Jek, I do have rain gear…… I’m looking forward to some clouds, rain, and cooler temps….. If everything goes right it won’t be long…….

  13. #13 by huskysooner

    +1 on the rain gear.

  14. 100 inches a year………………. are you ready?

  15. #15 by huskysooner

    You’ll miss the tornadoes.

  16. I don’t think so, HS….. With all this above normal heat and humidity, they are now warning us that a front due in this Thursday could be very severe with tornadoes, hail, wind, etc, etc….. Just what I need to happen just before I get outta this place!….. Everybody cross their fingers and hope it misses completely…..

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