A Great City?……

A couple of news items from local Oklahoma City broadcasts…… Apparently, Forbes magazine has rated OKC as the most “Recession proof” city in the USA….. My outlook on it, as a local resident, is if you’re already “recessed” as far as you can go, it would be hard to “recess” any further (Ha)…..

Right on the heels of that bit of news, was a story concerning an article that listed the “Top Ten Worst Places” to visit in the WORLD….. OKC was #5 on the list…… The Mayor of OKC claims that this has Seattle based undertones due to the on-going battle of the OKC owners of the Seattle Sonics demanding that the team be moved to OKC….. Mayor Cornett, I think you’re outta tune…..

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  1. #1 by huskysooner

    That’s pretty silly. What, OKC is just behind Pyongyang, The Country Formerly known as Burma, Tehran, etc.? It’s not the most exciting place to visit, but it’s an OK place to live, particularly if you can make your own fun and live in a decent school district (e.g. Norman).

    And it’s not cloudy 225 days of the year!

    It’s just coastal snobbery. There are plenty of places in flyover country that are nice places to live.

  2. Maybe not cloudy but the wind can drive you C R A Z Y! It’s just A little depressive on cloudy days here but a cup of strong coffee will get you up and going. Norwegians who migrated here thought it must be the tropics.

    Looks like OKC will get the Sonics (or not). That’s too bad for Seattle fans I guess. But, I’d like tell OKC that this all started because Seattle tax payers got tired of paying for sport stadiums. Be careful what you wish for.

  3. Yeah, Oklahoma is OK (used to be the header on our car tags – now it is “Native America”)….. I liked the OK is OK better…… I personally wouldn’t mind seeing a bunch of cloudy days in a row, I’ve seen my fill of bright shiny sunny days in OK over the years……

    Not being a super sport nut, having a pro ball team in OKC is not high on my list, and, I really think they should be left in Seattle…… OKC has a lot more pressing problems that the people in charge choose to ignore……

  4. Lots more problems. Shultz and Bennet each have their own agenda (money) and it’s hard to get interested.

  5. “Money Talks” a lot more than most people think…… You’re right about them having their our agenda which leads me to conclude that they have more money than brains….. I think they have made enemies in both cities that, hopefully, will come around to bite them in the butt……

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