MR’s De-Evo Update and Quiz….

Here’s the current Points Standings:

Zook: Twenty-Three and One-Half (23.5) Points
J.J.: Twelve and One-Half (12.5) Points
HuskySooner: Twelve (12) Points
Anon: Nine (9) Points
Izard: Eight (8) Points
TTop: Three (3) Points
Jek: One-Half (.5) Point

And here’s the Quiz ( You know the rules, bah-bah-bah, etc):

1. “Traditions” sometimes don’t follow actual events. The Pilgrims did NOT eat Turkey at the first Thanksgiving celebration at Plymouth Rock. My source lists 13 items that were on the menu (I would guess it came from someone’s personal diary?). Lots of Points here. WAG away!…..
2. What is the most despised household task?
3. Why do Birds sing?
4. What is Spelunking? (I learned this one from a ST-TNG episode – Name or describe the episode for Five (5) Bonus Points)
5. Where did the part of the throat known as the Adam’s Apple get its name?
6. Why is Aces and Eights the “Dead Man’s Hand”?
7. What is the most violent film on record?
8. Who changed the name of the Maryland presidential retreat from Shangri-La to Camp David?
9. Which Continent is the most populous?

Send in those answers – NOW, KID!

15 Responses to “MR’s De-Evo Update and Quiz….”

  1. 4: Cave exploring. Isn’t that the one where Picard and that annoying Wesley went down into a cave and Picard got hurt? Wesley had to keep him alive and they did some bonding. TNG was never the same after that because Wesley was an accepted member of the crew.

  2. #2 by huskysooner

    1. Venison, corn, lobster, duck, goose
    2. Cleaning the toilet

    7. How do you define violent? Number of people killed? If so, how about the end of Dr. Strangelove? For violence of absurd, almost comic proportions, I nominate Robocop2.

    9. Asia, by far and away

  3. 2. Washing the dishes
    5. The Bible, Genesis
    6. This is the hand that was being held at the time that James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok was murdered By Jack McCall
    7. Birth of a Nation
    8. Gen. Dwight David Eisenhower (Ret.) The 34th President.

  4. Oh and Btw Thanks Iz. I have went 15yrs without thinking of that little dweeb Wesley Crusher I was just getting back to where I might be able to watch some episodes with out him in them now you have put me right off my lunch. It’s amazing how one actor/character can ruin a series. At least they were smart enuf to kill off Denise Crosby early on. ………………Sorry what were we talking about?

  5. 1. Squash

    3. Territory

  6. With this many responses, I’ll have to cover them as I have time over the course of the day….. Izard does get the first One (1) Point for #4, but not the bonus….. Spelunking is the exploration of caves as a hobby. It is not to be confused with “speleology”, the scientific study and exploration of caves. Wrong on the ST-TNG episode – The one with spelunking in it doesn’t have little Crusher in it ( as best I remember)….. Hint – It does have to do with Picard’s past and has my other least favorite TNG cast member in it – Counselor Troi…. The Big 5 Bonus Points are still up for grabs…..

  7. Happy to be of service, J.J.

  8. Sorry ’bout the answer delay….. Been “under-the-weather” the last couple of days…… To continue:

    HuskySooner gets Five (5) Points for the five answers on #1 – eight more points up for up for grabs. Missed on #2 – Cleaning the toilet was second. Two good guesses on #7, but, not right. We’re talking about the amount of individual violent acts including everything from fist fights to murder. HS picks up One (1) more Point for #9 – Asia….

    J.J. gets One (1) Point for #2 – Washing the dishes. Close on #5, but, it’s based on a legend sort of based on the Bible. I’m looking for what the legend says. J.J. gets another One (1) Point for #6 and one final Point for #8……

    Anon picks up One (1) Point for #3 – still one more point left on #3. Sorry Squash wasn’t listed on #1…….

    Update and hints tomorrow…. Again, sorry for the delay……

  9. Here’s what’s left and a few hints:

    #1. Eight (8) Points still left. Hint: Think side dishes and drink.
    #3. One (1) Point left. Hint: Birds and Bees.
    #4. Five (5) Point Bonus left. Hint: Fake relationship.
    #5. One (1) Point. Hint: Eating forbidden fruit.
    #7. One (1) Point. Hint: First word in title is “Red”.

    Think on those and let me know…..

  10. 1. Bread

    2. Mating….attracting mates

    5 Garden of Eden

  11. 1. Beer, pickles pork rinds, more beer.

  12. Anon gets One (1) Point for #1 – White Bread – No pickles or rinds – Something with alcohol other than beer…. Anon also picks up the remaining One (1) Point for #3 – Birds also sing to attract mates….. On #5 – Yes, the legend was about eating forbidden fruit, probably in the Garden of Eden – So-o-o, what does that have to do with the Adam’s apple?…..

    We’ll let it go another day and I’ll fill in the missing answers…..

  13. 1. Vodka, Corn Whiskey, Southern Comfort, White wine with fowl, red with venison.

    5. So what is the story. Starting to sound a little blue. This have anything to do with SIN?

  14. Anon picks-up another One (1) Point for #1 for wine. They didn’t mention any other drinks……

    I guess it’s way past time to fill-in the missing answers…….

    #1 – The remaining food items not named were: eels, leeks, watercress, other greens, wild plums, and dried berries. I can see how some of these would be hard to get, but, not impossible…..
    #4 – The Bonus was an episode of ST-TNG where the Ferengi Captain Bock convinced Picard that he had a son by one of his former girlfriends from Starfleet Academy and he was going to kill him in revenge for Picard killing his son. They beamed Picard’s fake son out of a cavern he was “Spelunking” in. I don’t remember the name of the episode. If someone wants to look it up I’ll give ’em a couple of Bonus Points for the trouble……
    #5 – Nope, it’s not on the “Blue” side, Anon – The Adam’s apple refers to a legend that claims a piece of the forbidden fruit stuck in Adam’s throat. This part of the throat is actually a projection of the thyroid cartilage of the larynx. With all the hints, I can’t believe no one thought of a piece of the apple getting stuck in Adam’s throat…
    #7 – The 1984 film “Red Dawn”, directed by John Milius, contains 134 acts of violence per hour, or 2.23 per minute.

    That’s it – update and new Quiz soon…….

  15. I guess no one wanted to look-up the ST-TNG episode, so, we’ll call this Quiz over….. Here are the points awarded:

    HuskySooner – Six (6) Points
    Anon – Four (4) Points
    J.J. – Three (3) Points
    Izard – One (1) Point

    New Quiz Soon…….

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