HD/Blu Ray Update

Agent 86 originally posted this topic 4/19/2006
Toshiba announced yesterday that they will probably abandon the HD format soon. So go buy your Blu Rays.

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  1. No comment. Well, other than Bah!, no comment.

  2. Maybe I’ll just stop buying any DVD’s until the smoke clears…. I’ve been burned way too much on the industry’s other format wars….. I think they should be forced to give refunds or exchanges for older and failed formats….. Most major computer software provide free upgrades….. Why not movies since they are nothing more than a computer program now?…… Just how many times do they expect you to buy the same movie over and over in a NEW format….. Sorry, I quit, I’ll just watch all the old DVD’s I’ve got…… Not much coming out of Hollywood worth watching these days anyway…..

  3. Toshiba dropped out today. So, Blu-Ray is the ‘winner’. Toshiba said shipments of new players will stop by the end of March.

  4. I saw that on this morning’s National news (2-20-08)….. Luckily, when I purchased my 32″ HDTV, new surround system, and new DVD player, I bought a $130 Sony “Upscale” DVD player, which upgrades older DVD’s from 480 resolution to 720 resolution…. The player supposedly also plays 1080 HD discs….. Again, Luckily, I’ve been busy enough re-watching my existing DVD collection, that I haven’t purchased any HD discs….. I’m still going to wait until all the dust settles before I purchase the “Winner” of the format battles….. Anyone need a “Beta” video tape….. I have a storehouse of factory, home recorded, and blanks available for immediate shipment…..

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