I am getting so tired of all the bru haha about all the celebrities that seems to flood our media now days. I remember when movie stars were only heard of out of their rolls on the occasional talk show and a couple of times of year during the award shows, thats all. now it seems that all we hear is what celebrity is going to rehab, which one is getting divorced, and who is seen at what club getting tanked. For example if I see “Queen Fat Ass” or what ever her name is on one more commercial I am going to Puke!. It seems she is the spokes person for about a dozen products. And I am so tired of hearing what how Brittney Spears (Initials BS, That Fits) is flipping out each week that I have contemplated doing my imitation of Elvis and pulling out my .38. And The Music industry Well that’s a whole new kettle of roting smelly putrid Babel Fish. I long for the days when musicians( remember when there were actual musicians) sang songs, protested the war and then went home and weren’t heard from until their next tour. Oh yeah you heard them occasionally on the radio when they passed thru your town and on the grammys and that was it. Now I know what M&M has for breakfast, what color under ware Justin Timberbozo wears on Wednesdays, and where Puff Diddy Daddy Flippy Fartty Sappy buys his toilet bowl cleaner. I also get tired of all these shows like extra this and inside that I sometimes wish for the eternal peace of a painful death by dragging thru broken glass rather than hear these shows again. Have we as a people become so enamored with all these “Plastic People” (FZ) that we have forgotten that there is a whole world around us that needs our attention because it is going to hell in a hand basket and if the public does not stop it nobody will. Oh Yeah I bet that is just what the government is counting on while we are worrying about Pamela Anderson and her husband of the minute are doing they can take away our freedoms and rights and unless Bono or George Clooney tells us about it we will never know. Now I know that all of us in the community are not sheep like that but the Person sitting at the desk next to you, or the lady in line at the market, or the nurse at our last or next Dr’s. appt is. So the next time some one interjects into a conversation that you are involved in “Did you see what Paris was wearing last night” feel free to either slap the poop out of that person, or disembowel them. Because they are definitely part of the problem. Hey I’m Just thinkin’ out loud.

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  1. That was loud. We could hear you way in the back of the choir.

    I think the term is “celebrity branding”, where the celeb becomes the product. It might help not to think of them as real people but as just product….PRODUCT! That’s not Brittney. That’s a sparkling bottle of NU-AGE water. First you are a bottle of NU-AGE, then a staring role in Soylent Green. I think there must be a progression to being a product.

    I remember the old days too…..down on grandpa’s ranch. The seasons determined the rhythm of the ranch not the TV schedule. Time to run the sheep through the dip. Time to bring the cattle in for the winter. Time to harvest the alfalfa. And branding time. I remember how heavy those branding irons were and I have this image of Brittney running around with NU-AGE branded on one cheek. Product.

    POGO met the enemy…..and he are us. We are so easy. But I have faith that we”ll wake up and say “it was just a chemical”.

  2. I too share your faith, but with guarded optimism.

  3. Did you happen to notice that the Super Bowl had a “red carpet” this year? What’s up with that? To make it worse, they had that Seacrest person doing it. I usually don’t watch all the pre game stuff, so this may have been going on for a few years now. But I know that it’s new to me and I thought it was rather silly.

    Pretty soon they are going to start tossing up red carpets in front of Wal Mart. “So, Brad Pitt, what was your take on the sale on Del Monte green beans today? Oh, and I see you have chosed the family size of Charmin. Now that’s hot!”

  4. Also…not wanting to start a political debate, but I was kinda offended by the not 1 but 3 Obama commercials during the game. So not only was my relaxing Super Bowl Sunday tainted by meaningless celebrity interviews on the red carpet, but by politics as well. *sigh*

  5. Meh. Just do what I do…. blame the Beatles. What are John and Yoko protesting this week?

    I too would have preferred the Super Bowl without the Obama ads, but the whole thing is such an orgy of consumerism and consumption, it’s weird to get too uptight about the political stuff. (Great game, though!)

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