Looney iTunes….

Since I’ve returned to work, I’ve been bringing a few CD’s a day and uploading them to my computer using iTunes….. I’m now up to 2251 songs, about 6.2 days, to listen to while I happily go about my business….. The Looney’s (or Loobey’s) at iTunes assign a “Genre” for each song and/or album…… Here’s some of the good one’s: Badfinger’s “Day After Day”, which is a live album of some of their hits is listed under “Alternative and Punk”, whereas “No Dice” and “Straight Up” are listed under “Rock”!…… The studio versions of the songs on “Day After Day” are on them….. Buddy Holly is listed as “Country”….. The Beatle’s “Anthology” albums are listed as “Rock”, all except “Anthology 3”, disc 2, which is listed as “Pop”….. Chuck Berry’s “The Chess Box” – Disc 1 ’55-’58 is listed as “Rock”, disc 2 ’58-’64 and disc 3 ’64-’73 are listed as “Alternative and Punk”…… Must’a been all those drugs and partying he started doing around mid-’58……. Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Roy Orbison come up as “Country”….. Fleetwood Mac’s “Blues Jam in Chicago” is listed as “Rock”….. It goes on and on…… Paul Roger’s “Hendrix Set” is listed as “Blues”….. Zappa’s albums are split between “Alternative and Punk” and “Rock” – Close, but no cigar…… Oh, yeah, Jek, ALL the Yes albums come up as plain ‘ol “Rock”….. Looney iTunes I say……

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  1. iTunes rules! My library (on my primary machine) is currently 8 days worth (3177 songs). I haven’t loaded my Badfinger greatest hits yet (although I still love Paul’s “Come and Get It” — both the Badfinger version for the harmonies and the Paul Anthology version for, well, Paul — he plays everything in the track).

    If I sort my library by Play Count, the top 5 albums on this machine (which is slightly misleading, because my powerbook, not this machine, is the one I mostly listen on via the iPod) are as follows:

    Sufjan Stevens – Illinois
    Bjork – Vespertine
    The Magic Numbers
    Neko Case – Blacklisted
    XTC – Apple Venus Vol. 1

    Sorry, gotta go and finish setting up my replacement for this computer — my brand spanking new 24″ iMac.

  2. Then you can iTune your iMac, iSay……

  3. Iv’e got to agree with TTop, I love itunes. Since I was on the Apple/Mac boat long before others I was introduced to itunes v1 way back I must say that is one of the features that they have never made better since v1 I just collapse that column when I first install it , I love being able to set up playlists of what ever mood i am in at that moment. I also like the burning feature. I know that WMP Now offeres the same features I still like itunes ,also $.99 is a great value for legal downloads.

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