Everything You Always Wanted to Know but Were Too Smart to Ask……

Which is the smarter choice: draft beer or Genuine Draft Beer?……

Seems like a question of taste rather than intelligence…….. But, nothing is simple in an age where your share of the advertising costs more than your share of the beer……. Real draft beer is better if you like good beer….. Genuine Draft Beer is better if you want to marvel at how marketers can make millions by continually lowering the bottom of the barrel we live in…….

Braft beer comes from a barrel….. You hold the glass up to the tap, and the beer falls out….. Makes for better beer, as any English pubster can explain, if you’re buying…….. Genuine Draft Beer comes in bottles or cans, the opposite of draft beer…… They can legally call non-draft beer draft beer by the international law that states: If you can make big money out of a lie, go ahead……

2 Responses to “Everything You Always Wanted to Know but Were Too Smart to Ask……”

  1. Well it seems pretty clear that draft beer from a bottle or can isn’t draft beer. Of course, I’m no beer expert. Here’s an article that gives you tips on making your bottled beer experience as good as tap.

  2. But, if your better-half is convinced that bottled or canned beer can give the same enjoyment as draft tap beer, you lose the excuse that you NEED to go to the bar (or pub) to get a real beer….. And, maybe, just accidentally, run into your other buddies that are using the same excuse in order to have some free time away from the spouse (or louse, as the case may be)…..

    Homer Simpson and Archie Bunker can’t be wrong…..

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