I don’t want to live in Mexico……..

No, I’m not moving out of Oklahoma – Mexico has moved to Oklahoma……. The influx of Mexican’s into OKC has increased tremendously over the past year……. The S.W. section of OKC is referred to as “Little Mexico”…… If you don’t read Spanish, you don’t have any idea what business is located inside the buildings you pass……..

Now, I have no objection against anyone of any nationality entering the United States through legal channels, applying for citizenship, and becoming an American citizen thereby infusing their culture and background into the “melting pot” known as “America”, but, according to CNN, we have what they call a “Border Crisis”…….

The following are excerpts of news reports I heard on CNN and other news sources:

1. In mid-June, the Border Patrol reported 98,000 illegal aliens entered the U.S. by crossing the U.S. Mexican border since the first of the year…… Yes, that’s 98,000 in less than a six-month period!…… (CNN) That’s probably more than the population of 80% of any single city or town in the U.S…….
2. In response, the U.S. Department of Immigration states that it intends to double the number of border guards from the now existing 10,000 personnel over the next 10 years…… They state that the increase will be 200 officers in the next year….. (CNN) Remember, this is for BOTH borders, Mexican and Canadian!…… Sounds like too little, too late to me…….
3. Oh, Yeah, this is the good one…… The officials also stated that the Mexican Government will not take back any illegal aliens caught by the border patrol unless they are Mexican citizens…… Any non-Mexican citizens are checked out and released to go about their business or are held in detention centers to be processed……. Our government further stated that it does not have anywhere near enough of these centers……. (CNN) So-o-o, we have an open border that anyone can walk across and if they are not a Mexican citizen, they are in the U.S. to stay…… You think that terrorists organizations and immigrants from other countries besides Mexico are not aware of this?…..
4. There was a bust in Portland, Oregon of a ring that was making fake Social Security cards for illegal aliens……
5. In a CNN interview with the “Govenator” of California, Arnold stated that he intends to close the border to illegal aliens, but that it will not stop the influx into California because they will just cross the border somewhere else and enter from neighboring states…… He said in order to stop the invasion the Federal government would have to close the entire border to illegal aliens…… He also stated that he was getting extreme pressure and bad press from high-powered groups opposed to this because they don’t want to lose the “cheap labor” pool…… That’s what I call “Forced politics by big business” and it stinks in my opinion…….
6. There is an organization in Texas that claims it has enough members to shut down the U.S.-Mexican border from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific and plans to do so for one day on the first of October or November since the U.S. government refuses to do anything…… They say they are tired of being flooded with illegal aliens…… The Government says this would be a “Vigilante action” and would be dealt with as such if it happens……. (CNN) Looks like Texas may succeed from the Union one more time, and if it happens, even though I dislike Texas rather extremely, I might just have to move there and join the cause…….. It is called the Lone-Star state…….
7. In another CNN interview with a naturalized U.S. citizen of Mexican decent, he stated that there were two radical Mexican organizations whose sole intent is to convert the U.S. into Mexico….. As I was in a hurry at the time, I didn’t write down his name or the initials the organizations went by…….. It looks like to me that they are well on the way to accomplishing their mission…….
8. I remember seeing on the cover of “Newsweek” or “Time”, I can’t remember exactly which one since it was at least 8 to 12 months ago, but across the cover in large letters was the word “MexiAmerica” with an underlying “is America turning into Mexico” (This may not be the exact wording but the meaning is the same)…….. The name “MexiAmerica” stuck in my head….. I’m sorry, I live in America…… If I wanted to live in Mexico, I would move there!………
9. Check out May 30, 2005 edition of “Newsweek”….. The cover is a picture of L.A.’s mayor-elect Antonio Villaraigosa with the caption “Latino Power – L.A.’s New Mayor – And How Hispanics Will Change American Politics”……. In the article it’s stated, “Get used to it”…… I’m sorry, I will not get used to it…… To me, if you are a United States citizen, whether you were born here or naturalized, you are an American…… You speak English and you respect and abide by the laws of this country…… I think all Americans should re-read the “Declaration of Independence” and the “Constitution” and actually take the time to think about the content of these important freedom documents….. You will find that this country was founded on the belief that “All men are created equal”…… On this statement alone, there’s no such thing as a “minority race” – We are all Americans and should treat each other that way…… I do…..

The question I put to you is: Do you think the U.S.-Mexican border should be closed in such a manner as to prevent the entrance of illegal aliens and possible terrorists onto U.S. soil?……..

I think you know my stance on the subject…….

3 Responses to “I don’t want to live in Mexico……..”

  1. OK, I’ll bite. I don’t know much about this issue, but I’m not sure tightening the border is going to curb the desire for people to cross illegally. This article suggests that the US should assist Mexico with its economic troubles. People are desperate to improve their family’s standard of living.

    I don’t think America will ever remain the same. On the whole, I’d bet that America is becoming more homogeneous. Information and people travel faster than ever before. Influences come and go all of the time. That said, there is definitely a problem at the US-Mexico border, but I don’t think it will only be solved there.

  2. I think what we have is a very corrupt government in Mexico….. In the article that Jek references the statement is made, “Every year, Mexicans working in the U.S. send about $700 million home. It is the third major source of revenue for Mexico, an asset President Fox will do anything to protect.”…. To me, this indicates that not only do they condone this, but they want and support Mexicans who enter the U.S. illegaly….

    The article suggests that the U.S. should assist Mexico with its economic troubles…. What do you call 700 million dollars a year?….. And, what about all the American money spent on Mexican vacation spots, such as Cancun?….. And, lastly, I know for a fact that American big business has many manufacturing plants in Mexico…. Fender is one…. I believe the Stratocaster you have Jek was made in Mexico…. Paramount studios is another…. All the Star Trek DVD’s have “Made in Mexico” stickers on the outside shrink-wrap….. I have seen DVD’s from other studios with the same sticker…. I guess they put on the outside shrink-wrap so that when you open it you’ll throw that away and assume it was made in the U.S…..

    Like I said, all of this points to corruption at the highest levels…. They are more interested in a hand-out instead of improving the living conditions and educating the people to be more self-suffcient…. It’s easier for the government to force the people to enter the U.S. illegally, which it is currently doing to the tune of 200,000 illegal aliens a year…..

    Does anyone have an extra sombero?….. I do know Speedy Gonzales personally….

  3. The $700 million dollars is not from a US government program, but from people who live and work in the US, yes some legally. This is no different than the millions of people who have families in other countries who send money because they are fortunate to have it. If you had to move to the US in desparation, you’d do the same thing for your family. (I hope anyway.)

    “Made in Mexico” is also not a practice specific to Mexico. One word: globalization. There are many, many other countries in which companies have production factories. This is basic capitalism at work. Would you really pay 2x as much for an American-made strat? If so, Fender has that model available (or at least they used to).

    I agree that it seems the Mexican government is not doing a good job helping its people, but it certainly is not directly forcing people across the border.

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