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Help Needed

My problem is this: I have a 5 year old IMac, on this I have lots of data and music saved upon. I need a way to transfer all that I have saved on the Mac to my PC, or burn it to discs using the burner in my Laptop. I really do not want […]

Software Recommendations

The Nick Drake post is getting offtrack with computer talk, so I thought I’d start a new post.  Randalf asked about spyware blockers and anti-virus programs. Here’s a quick rundown on various software and service recommendations.  Anyone else, feel free to chime in with your favorites.  Note: I did not perform anywhere close to an […]

American Mindset

Sensing a market opportunity, Net Nanny, makers of Net Nanny filtering software, announced this week it will introduce NetNarrow, an English-only product that automatically filters out content that appears to be international. Specifically, the software looks for world datelines and keywords indicative of irrelevant foreign stories, including “Shiite,” “post-Apartheid,” and “Bob Geldof.” Survey-taker Craig Barker […]

Alternative to Internet Explorer

Just thought I’d mention this. I downloaded & installed Mozilla Firefox (a free browser). I am greatly impressed. I get absoultely no popups, spyware, etc. Seems to run faster than IE & also seems to be much more stable. I highly reccomend it.

Talking Blog Please….

I would like to see one of you “West Coast Seattle Boys (or Girls)” design a talking blog (or if it’s possible to do sound-byte posts tell me how?)….. I have lots of posts I want to make and not enough time in my day to put all of them to paper and pen, although […]

Bind fun – can’t see the outside from in

I’ve been working around a Bind problem for sometime now. Bind is a name server program used to resolve hostnames to IP addresses. For example, before your browser could display this post, your machine contacted your name server that in turn contacted my machine running bind to find out the IP address for this site’s […]

Can’t pick house colors? Photoshop to the rescue.

Our neighbors painted their house yellow and are having trouble finding good accent colors. Besides going with the yellow, the accent color(s) can’t make the house look too much like the orangish one across the street. (We have a colorful neighborhood.) Anyway, I offered my budding photoshop skills. I basically selected like-color chunks of the […]