They say it’s your birthday

jh_tributeHappy BD to the OKC Master of the Stratocaster.

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  1. Awesome. Will he be learning to play left-handed?

  2. No problemo. He is left handed, you know.

  3. Thanks for the Birthday wishes…… To me, all this right and left-handed definition is backwards…… I am left-handed and I’ve noticed that when you play what is referred to as “Right-Handed” or normal, your LEFT HAND is doing all the complicated fingering and playing, and, unless you’re fingerpicking, about all you do with your right hand is strum with (or without) a pick…… If you take a closer look at the Hendrix Tribute Strat (1997) pic that Raj included from a previous post:, you’ll notice that it is actually a reverse image guitar, therefore, it is actually set-up to play just like any other normal guitar, but, is actually a left-handed model flipped over and set-up to be played like a standard guitar….. You will notice that even the lettering on the headstock is reversed……. It’s actually a little tricky to play with the controls, tremolo, and tuners all turned around…… This is a limited edition produced in 1997……. Happy Birthday to me!

  4. #4 by huskysooner

    Yeah, that’s right… should have noticed. I’m mixed-handed, and when I first picked up a bass it felt better playing it left-handed (i.e., fretting with right hand and plucking with the right hand. But everyone advised — probably including MR — going right-handed, the reason being that 98% of guitars and basses are right-handed. I’m glad I did.

  5. Happy BD.

    Lets go see the Big Slide.

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