I don’t guess you would actually call it a Holiday, but, oh well, it is in the Holiday season…….  I been out and about, but, with this touch of flu, or whatever bug I got, I’m going to call it an early day, watch a DVD for a while and then let it watch me (I just set my player on repeat and let it roll)…….  Everybody have a SAFE Friday the 13th right on into the remaining Holidays……..

2 Responses to “IT’S FRIDAY THE 13TH!…….”

  1. I am assuming that since you haven’t posted anything since that you fell victim to Fri the 13th somehow. I made it thru but ran into bad luck afterwards. ie: the weather.

  2. Yep, Mr. J., Been fighting some stupid virus or whatever!….. In other words, haven’t done much other than just getting by…… Sounds like you’re having some trouble yourself….. Give me a call when you have time…..

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