Back Again, Finally!…..

I know you’ve heard it before, but, I will try to start making more Posts in the future…..  Of course, this doesn’t mean you Community Members can’t make Posts when I don’t…..  Huh?….  How about a little vocal support out there?…..  I just updated the Blog without backing up the files since no one has posted since the 17th of last month……  I’m racking my brain to come up with a good Post that doesn’t include politics – That’s about all you hear these days…..  In a word – DOOMED – that’s what we are with the so-called leaders we have…..  They’re all I, Me, Mine Looby’s and have no concept or care about the people they are governing/making laws for…..  They’re more than above the law and they plan to stay that way…..  I wonder what they’ll do WHEN it all comes tumbling down around their so over righteous asses?  Probably show their true colors, wimpier and cry like babies, and blame it all on the population for not being the sacrificial all following herd of dumb animals that they have always believed us to be……  Okay, Okay – Enough on the Idiot Elite – It’s gone too far to stop anyhow…..  I’ll try to make a good old music Post in the near future…..  Any comments/posts from “The Herd”?…….

4 Responses to “Back Again, Finally!…..”

  1. Yeah I’m kinda Politics’d out. Were screwd. And… Also been running hard and dealing with ineffective loobies in the dispatch office. There might be a new opportunity on the horizon. Lets hope it works out.

  2. Oh-Oh, Mr. J., you haven’t heard the worst – The Oklahoma State Congress is now practicing medicine without a license….. As of November 1st, all controlled drugs are NOT refillable by law….. They are now basically telling Doctors what drugs and how much they can prescribe….. I’m sure they will set up a task force to enforce this farce and keep a close watch on what any Doctor prescribes and take, what they call, appropriate action….. The VA is going along with this…. They sent me a letter in the mail on this…. This is in our great???? state of OKLAHOMA ONLY!…… I’m sure this will work out just as well as the war on drugs and gun control…. The only people they are hurting are us law abiding citizens, which, in my case I’m about fed up….. Funny I haven’t heard any of this on the news!….. If this turns out the way I think it will, you can bet I’m going to burn down my keyboard writing every government Idiot and news person in the state…… We just went from a 60 degree downward incline to a straight 90 degree cliff of no return….

  3. Yeah I saw that at WallyWorld when we were picking up her R/X. “No scripts containing Any hydracodone/ Codine will be refilled without a new script from the Doc” We can thank all the Meth Heads and Dope Fiends we have in OK. And the Authorities that won’t do anything about them. Other than approving their diability checks.

  4. You ought to have to deal with the VA on this….. I’m on a light dosage of Hydrocodone for my left shoulder and knee…. They wanted to operate on my shoulder a few years ago and I told them “No Way”….. I don’t want to risk any loss of movement….. I do play guitar and want to continue (yeah, as Mick Jagger says, “I know I play a bad guitar”), so, I told them I could handle the pain as long as the old shoulder didn’t get any worse…. So far so good…. But, now, being a government agency, they’re trying to force all their physicians to cut down/cut off prescribing it in accordance with the NEW Oklahoma law…. Great state, OKLALOOBY….. Anyway, I’m good ’til December, but, who knows after that?……

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