Time Changes Everything….

….Well, almost, u-u-uh, sometimes, u-u-uh, maybe?…..  Anyway, I’ve been watching some of my extensive DVD collection, as in “Red Dwarf”, the BBC’s Si-Fi comedy series from the early ’90’s…..  In one episode, Rimmer is trying to express how useless something is with the comment/joke: “That’s about as useless as a condom machine in the Vatican”, which at the time, and until really recently would have explained that what he was talking about was, without a doubt, explicitly “Useless”…..  But, NOW, with all the revelations of/about the Catholic Church, that Condom Machine might not be/have been as useless as the normal Layman may have thought it was/is…..  It’s amazing how a few hidden and/or new facts can drastically change the meaning of something that should be as plain as the nose on your face (My face – Somebody’s Face!)…..  That’s Life!!!….. 

4 Responses to “Time Changes Everything….”

  1. see Rimmer was smarter than everyone gave him credit for, before he was destroyed and became a hologram.

  2. I don’t think the question was whether Rimmer was smart – he was…. The problem was that he was such a Smeghead!….. …Or as Kryton would say, “Sm-e-e-e He-e-e-e” (His programming was supposed to keep him from doing any harm to humans including insults, but Lister was always trying to help him break his programming, with some success.)……

  3. #3 by huskysooner

    He couldn’t get past square 1 on the engineering exam, right? He was a smeghead and a moron!

  4. Failed it 13 times!…. He spent all his energy trying to cheat instead of studying….. Lister told him once, after he had written cheat notes all over his body, that he should just turn it in and have them grade it!!!… But, all-in-all, you’re right – He was a Smeghead and a moron……

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