Nov. 22 1963 – 2012

On this thanksgiving day let us never forget that 49 years ago the 35th President of the United States of America was forcefully removed from office by Assassination in Dallas, TX. at 12:30pm CST Let us pray that someday the facts/Truth will be revealed.

4 Responses to “Nov. 22 1963 – 2012”

  1. Not One mention on the news either local or national today. That Pisses me off. How soon the public forgets that there are people that can affect the outcome of the will of the people. The majority definitely DOES NOT RULE ANYMORE.

  2. I agree with you fully, Mr. J….. …And, if you read the new national best seller, “Killing Kennedy”, you will believe it to a much larger extent…… This so-called writer wrote a fictional account of a “Lone Gunman” assassination, then picked out only the “Facts” that didn’t conflict with that theory, even then, he used a lot of those “Facts” out-of-context, then claims his work is based on “Facts” only….. This man should be barred from writing forever….. If people believe his work of controlled fiction ( and they will), the truth will be forever buried, which is what our government wants….. Soon, anyone that lived or studied that period of time will be gone – Long before all the files and reports that are sealed until 2027-2050 are opened to the public….. Of course, following the direction our nation is going right now, it won’t make any difference anyhow….. Whatever happened to a President that died in office in the long dead past will be of little interest to a satellite country of bozos controlled by some Euro-Asian Super-Power….. Sad, Sad……

  3. I’m assuming you are referring to the latest by Bill O’reilly? that does not surprise me in the least. I cannot stand to listen to him on Fox News, so I would expect nothing less from him on this subject.

  4. Yeah, Mr. J., that’s him….. I didn’t know who his was since I don’t have cable…… Harrison clued me in…… If I would have known who his was, I wouldn’t have spent my money on his so-called book…. Oh, yeah, the Zapruter film is not mentioned in the book…. Just like all the other conflicting facts and evidence, they don’t exist in this fantasy tale…..

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