MR Coroner 07/03/2012

We Have just been informed of the death of Television Icon Andy Griffith at age 86

(Reuters) – Actor Andy Griffith, whose portrayal of a small-town sheriff made “The Andy Griffith Show” one of American television’s most enduring shows, has died at his North Carolina home, television station WITN reported on Tuesday.

The television station quoted a longtime friend as saying that the 86-year-old actor died at his home on Roanoke Island. The Dare County Sheriff’s dispatcher would say only that an ambulance was called to Griffith’s residence but would not comment further.

3 Responses to “MR Coroner 07/03/2012”

  1. ….And we have lost another great actor/comedian…… I know most of the younger crowd these days probably think that “The Andy Griffith Show” is/was dumb,simple, and dated, but, it’s characters and plot situations were well developed and way ahead of their time….. It set the standard for “Comedy SitComs” for many, many years…… I’d rather sit down and watch an episode of Andy and “One Bullet” Barney than most of the TV Sitcoms that are “On the Air” right now….. If something is truly Funny, time has no effect on it – It stays “Funny”…… It’s people’s “Outlook” on things that time changes, and, I’m not so sure for the better…… R.I.P. Sheriff Taylor……

  2. Agreed.

  3. Anther good one bites the dust. All to so we are going to run out of the good ones.

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