i-i-i-it’s FRIDAY! and…..

i-i-i-it’s the 13th!……  Most Friday the 13th’s have turned out to be above average in Good Luck for me…..  I’m expecting the same for today……  I don’t guess that it’s really a holiday, although, there is a huge percentage of people that consider it a perfect day for a party……  So-o-o, wear your Good Luck Charms and watch out for the Bozos…..

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  1. Maybe I’m wrong, it’s not even 0900 yet, and the TV channel that I usually watch news and weather on keeps losing it’s tsignal….. It is ANNOYING and I wonder what’s next?…..

  2. It’s almost 1030 hrs now and I decided to watch a DVD and relax a little….. I have a 5 disc DVD player and loaded it with movies about a week ago without even thinking about a Friday the 13th lurking around the corner…. The movie that came up was “Ghostbusters”…… Appropriate for Friday the 13th and a little weird…. So, I think I’ll just kill some time and watch it….. Couldn’t hurt…..

  3. About 1300 hrs now – Finished watching “Ghostbusters” and “Ghostbusters II”….. Thinking about dropping a couple of bucks on the lottery just to see if Lady Luck might just be with me on this Friday the 13th….. I think I can afford the outlay and what could it hurt?….. Never can tell…. By tomorrow, I might be Too Rich to post on the Blog anymore (Ha!)….. PD Bob said he will expect his cut of any winnings…..

  4. Well, it’s around 1530 hrs now, and, I’ve made my run to check my mail in my P.O. Box and invested a whopping three (3) bucks in the lottery….. Now, all I have to is sit back and wait for them to draw my numbers tonight and watch that $3 turn into Millions!….. S-o-o-o, if you don’t see any more comments by me for a few days, you’ll know I’m busy out spending money…… If I don’t win, you’ll be reading a comment along the lines of “That’s the first and last 3 bucks that they get out of me”…..

  5. The sun is shining here in Seattle and that is a lucky Fri. the 13th.

  6. You’re lucky, Anon, remember my previous Post on the weather?…. Well, that was Monday and they predicted more of the same for everyday since then….. Nothing happened, UNTIL Mother Nature finally decided to step in – Today – Friday the 13th……. It’s a little after 1800 hrs and we’ve had severe weather up to and including a Tornado about 15 miles South of MR HQ….. That storm has passed us, but, new storms are lining up in a row, heading our direction because of a dry line that is set-up in the Texas panhandle…… These storms are also predicted to be capable of producing Tornadoes…… It’s gonna be a long night here….. Hopefully I’ll be around to cash-in my Lottery ticket tomorrow (Ha!)……

  7. 12:01 am the 13th is over I’m still here, must be nothing to this Friday thing. Wave two of the storms is moving in I hope Saturday the 14th isn’t unlucky.

  8. Well, It’s 0941 hrs, Saturday the 14th and we’re still here at MR HQ after a sleepless night of severe weather….. For Jek’s and HS’s info, a Tornado (F2/F3) hit Norman and was on the ground for about four miles close to the OU campus….. There was also a possible Tornado in Mustang – not verified, but, from looking at the damage, I would say yes….. Here’s the rub, our famous Oklahoma Weather Forecasters claim that tonight has all the right ingredients for more of the same, except at a much higher level – Chances of Very Large Tornadoes with long tracks on the ground, but, they can’t say for sure – Thanks a lot…… They’re basically saying if you didn’t get it last night, you will tonight!….. I need OUT of Oklahoma! (HELP)…..

    Oh, Yeah, the lottery was a bust….. I didn’t even match one number out of the 18 I picked!…. Well, that’s my lottery budget for the year, or until the next Friday the 13th……

  9. News last night………”Norman hit.” And more big stuff coming.

    How bad was it?

    Just watched a PBS program on tornadoes the other night. I think it was the night before you got hit. Did you see it or was the power out.

    I think Oklahoma should move.

  10. I’m glad you’re alright MR and Robo. Avoiding a tornado is lucky enough!

  11. The problem is that they are predicting tonight is going to be much, much worse than last night!…… We have already had 3 Tornadoes in Northwest Oklahoma….. Dangerous Thunderstorms (that’s what they are calling them) are forming in the Texas Panhandle, racing (60 to 80 mph) across Oklahoma and into Kansas….. The storms are traveling in a Northeast direction and are freight-training across Oklahoma…… New storms are forming constantly in Texas keeping the line going…… The BIG deal of it is that this constant line is being pushed by a dry line slowly to the East, which means sometime in the “Dead of the night”, this freight-train line of Tornado producing storms are going to be right on top of MR HQ!….. Unless something drastically happens to change this, MR HQ is going to be hammered sometime between 2300 hrs and 0600 hrs tomorrow morning….. I’ve about had it with Oklahoma weather – If I survive this one, I’m going to get really serious about moving OUT of this State!!….. If I don’t Post anything in the morning, you’ll know we bit the big one!…..

  12. Made it!…. Didn’t get much sleep last night as the line of storms didn’t hit the OKC area until 0430 hrs….. Luckily for us, it had decreased in intensity, and mostly was a heavy rain/wind/lightning event, although they kept predicting it might produce a Tornado….. Unluckily, one of the last Tornadoes generated in Oklahoma hit the town of Woodward – Five people died, 10 are in critical condition….. Sad….. It seems Kansas got the bulk of the 120 Tornadoes produced over Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa….. I Told PD Bob. “If we don’t move out of Oklahoma, we’re going to move MR HQ into his underground living quarters”….. Prairie Dog’s aren’t so dumb after all!…….

  13. #13 by huskysooner

    Yeah, MR, I knew about the Norman tornado. You know what I do, right?

  14. I was sure that you did since you’ve been in the “Weather Game” business for a long time, but, I thought I would just give it mention since you and Jek both attended OU in your college days…..

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