“Time Fades Away”……

Or more accurately, Time “Zip-a-de-do-dah’s” Away……  I could swear yesterday was the last day of August, and now, today, it’s almost the last day of September!…..  Don’t ask me where the days went, I have no idea……  I did notice that we’re having a little cooler days, but, it’s still all sunshine and dead grass here…..  You can’t even buy (or rent) a cloud, and, Rain has become just a word….  There’s no physical evidence that it exists…..  Thank God for DVD’s, or I wouldn’t know what it looks like, and the word “Rain” would have no meaning whatsoever……

I thought I would throw in a audio clip for your enjoyment (or not)…..  This version of this song has been heard by only a handful of people since it was recorded live on May 30, 1974…..  The band was called “Wolfbrand Band” and, although I named it and was a member, we didn’t have what you would call a leader…..  It was just four young lost souls with very little equipment having a go at being musicians, and, as Maxwell Smart would say, “And Loving It”….  I think I had more fun in this band than any I was in…..  Without further ado – Time Fades Away – let me know what you think (That’s me (MR) on slide guitar and harp)…..  Enjoy (I Hope)……  Seems like it was only a couple of months ago, not decades, when we recorded that…..  I’d like to know who’s been stealin’ Time…..

9 Responses to ““Time Fades Away”……”

  1. You ol honky tonk, sounds good.

  2. Thank you, Anon, thank you, thank you, thank you…… Better watch out though, I might be tempted to Post some more songs in the future….. Let me know if you find out who’s been stealin’ Time….. I want some of it back!……

  3. Not my cup of tea but still sounds good. I like both kinds of music Rock & Roll.

  4. A little take-off on the Blues Brothers, Robo?….. Where the bar waitress tells Jake and Elwood that they have both kinds of music at “Bob’s Country Bunker” – Country and Western……

  5. Anon: You think that clip is good, wait till you hear all the wolfbrand recordings. one word, Great! they were before their time here in OKC.

  6. Mr. J’s one of the few that has heard some of the “Wolfbrand Band” recordings….. Since J.J.’s a BIG fan of Neil Young, I feel honored that he thinks our version of Neil’s “Time Fades Away” is so good….. Of course, I think it’s GREAT, but I’m prejudiced (Ha!)……

    Somebody stop Time….. It’s already ran into my Birthday – Yes, todays MR’s Birthday….. Gotta go do something really dumb and memorial if I can get these old creaky bones up and running…… “Happy Birthday to Me”…….

  7. And a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. I hope one thing you do today is play some music……guitar I mean. Keep those fingers moving. Keep those notes jumping in your head.

    I’ll be waiting on Wolfbrand.

  8. Thank You for the Happy Birthday wish, Anon, and, I’ve had a good one so far – It’s not midnight yet…… Just finished a visit from J.J., Skyped on the computer with Jek, and am now getting ready to do a little picking and grinning (Ha!)……

    Be prepared for more WolfBrand Band and Terraplane tracks….. I am planning on doing a weekly, maybe semi-weekly, maybe monthly, maybe every once in a while “MR Archives” with a different track each time along with recording and personnel details….. Might be fun…..

  9. Happy Brithday

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