My Mrs.

This last week We had a bad health scare. I almost lost Mrs J.J.
She got real sick on the 8th and I had to race her to the ER. She has been in Critical care unit since. What started with a cold/Flu Morphed into almost a Diabetic Coma. The Docs at MWC Hospital said she was within hours of not making it. But with the hard work of a great team of Docs and Nurses Today she was fully alert and well on the road to a full recovery. To those of you who knew about this already we thank you for your thoughts and prayers.
To the rest of our tight knit community, Turn to that significant other beside you and tell them that you love them, Thank whatever higher power that you believe in and praise them, Do not take life for granted because it can turn bad and you can loose that which most important to you in the blink of an eye.
This has definitely reaffirmed our faith and we have pledged to worship better, take better care of our selves, and put our selves before that which is not that important.
Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers.

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  1. J.J.

    I’m glad everything ended well. It’s a scary deal …..I know!

    To those of you out there of a certain age be sure and get your flu shot, your pneumonia shot, and psoriasis shot. If you have ever had chicken pox you’re a good candidate for psoriasis.

  2. You never know when you might go, that’s a given, so, be as nice as you can when you talk to friends and family – It might be the last thing you say to them….. I know that’s kinda cold, but, it’s a fact of life…..

    I’m happy Mrs. J.J. is doing better….. Like I told you J., “You Know my Name, but, You Don’t Have to Look Up My Number” – You know it and all you have to is dial it if you need something…… Keep us updated and a quick recovery for the Mrs…….

  3. Scary. Glad things turned out ok.

  4. Thanks everyone for the well wishes. She is doing much better now Just moved her out of ICU/CCU to a reg. room Maybe get to come home Fri

  5. I’m glad shes doing better. If you need any thing just give me a call. If you don’t need anything you can still give me a call. 😉
    Been praying and will continue to do so.

  6. Same here, J.J. – “All You Gotta Do is Call, Anytime at All, and I’ll Be There” (Beatles)……

  7. I hope Mrs, JJ got to go home today (Friday). Stll praying Hope all well.

  8. Hey JJ. I hope all is well now another week+ later. We’re still thinking about you guys.

  9. Thanks to all for the well wishes. She is doing well now back to her self (I would Say normal But that is a relative term) And ready to hit the road with me again.

  10. Robo and I saw Mrs’s J. at the store Monday…… She was in great spirit, although she mentioned the multiple daily glucose testing she was having to endure…. I know how she feels – You only have so many fingers to stick holes in – Ouch!……

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