Deputy MRRC

Gerry Rafferty, writer of “Baker Street.”

Mick Karn was less well known but one of my very favorite bassists. A true original.

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  1. HS, Thanks for filling in for Sunn at the MRRC desk…. I heard about Rafferty’s passing on the radio….. We’re losing the great musicians of my generation at an alarming rate….. I guess that is way of things, but, I don’t have to like it…… If you’re listening up there, switch to the “Asshole” list and leave us musicians alone for a bit….. I guess we should be happy that we still have the opportunity to listen to their recorded works….. we need to preserve our copies of the classics as the recording industry loves to drop slow selling titles (Sorry, that’s “OUT OF PRINT”)…..

  2. Yeah, I was sad to hear about Mick Karn. Great bassist!! They played a couple of his tracks on this week’s episode of The Gagliarchives.

  3. I wonder which songs of his they played. I don’t know the Japan stuff very well, but some of it is decent. The Dali’s Car album he did with Peter Murphy is pretty neat. I like his solo stuff. But my absolute favorite is Polytown, the project he did with David Torn and Terry Bozzio.

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