It’s All Over Now!……

Yep, closin’ up the doors to MR Central and movin’ along……  It’s been a good run and now it’s time to shut it down, unless, someone else wants to take over the reins?……  Of course, I couldn’t allow it to be called MR Central……  PD Bob said he might be interested, but, he’s planning on getting a bunny transplant so he can be the Easter Bunny…..  He’s taken over a chicken ranch and a dye factory…..  He is, at this time, capturing, training, and organizing an army of subservient bunnies to deliver all the eggs…..

Live long and Prosper……  …..And watch out for the Easter Bunny this year!….

12 Responses to “It’s All Over Now!……”

  1. APRIL FOOL! HA-HA!….. Got ya – I hope….

  2. Ha-Ha-Ha what makes you think you have the power to shut down MR Central. You can’t even control you own pet Bunny PDBB (Prairie Dog Bunny Bob).

  3. No way! I haven’t got a prize yet.

  4. Boy, Robo, did you make PD Bob’s list big time, calling him a PET bunny…. If I were you, I would not be found on Easter by PDB’s army of bunnies….. Oh, yeah, PDB went with the Klingon Bunny transplant, so, every egg is stamped, “It’s a good day to die” in Klingon – in bright RED….. It might be a good idea to stay away from the Easter Eggs this year……

    What, Anon, are you sure you didn’t win any of the quizzes?….. I’ll have to run a background check on that……

  5. Nice job! You got me. Good thing I read the comments; I was about to go pull the plug on the server. 😮

    BTW, where’s the new quiz series?

  6. I think I won a quiz but never received any prizes. We want prizes.

  7. Quiz we don’t need no stiking guizes.
    We need prizes lots of prizes.

  8. Sorry, Robo, but, you get no stinkin’ prizes without winnin’ one of the stinkin’ “guizes” (see comment #7 above)……

    Since it looks like everybody wants the return of Quiz-a-matic, the first new QUIZ will be up at 2:00 pm CDT this Friday – 09APR10….. That’s noon for you West Coasters…….

  9. Comment #7 was a movie reference (badges we don’t need no stinking badges) bring on the quizzes.

  10. I wasn’t referring to the movie reference, Robo, I was referring to your spelling of quizzes – i.e.: “guizes”….. What is a Guize?….. Is that a Gigabyte of quizzes?…. Could be that you invented a new quiz term….

  11. Guizzes are like quizzes the major difference is in who knows the answer. If you know the answer it’s a quiz. If you don’t know the answer but are guessing then it a guiz. How ever if your answer happens to be right then it’s a guiz again. So if it’s a trick question or a bad quiz then it’s a guiz because no one knows the answer. However if no one guesses then it’s just a quiz. I hope that clears that up so bring on the quizzes and the guizes but most of all bring on the prizes. We’ll bring on the guesses.

  12. Robo, PD Bob is still researching your “quizzes/guizzes” definition…. He’s pulling his fur out and muttering 12 syllable prairie dog cuss words…. I think you’ve been elevated to DefCon 1 on his list….

    There will be prizes, but, I hope you Peanut People aren’t expecting to retire on them….. This isn’t the lottery, although, the odds of winning are about the same if you stay within the rules as set by MR…..

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