Money, Money, Money…..

Just how many greenbacks are the current administration going to print and pass out to questionable entities in the name of “Bail-Out”?….. I don’t know, but if they don’t stop sometime our currency won’t be worth the paper it’s printed on……

At first I thought this new administration was off to a good start, but, when it came out that we are financing bonus’s for CEO’s of bankrupt corporations, I have to wonder….. How could anyone deserve a bonus when the company they work for is bankrupt?….. Someone explain that one to me, please?….. And, we’re not talkin’ a few dollars, we’re talkin’ bonus’s that most of us could live the rest of our lives on by working only when we felt like it……

Then there’s the auto industry – not only do we bail them out, we are financing the “cash for clunkers” program….. I don’t have the time or the space to detail all the requirements that your so-called “clunker” and the new car you are buying must meet to get the $4,500, but, believe me, the “clunker” can’t be something you just dragged out of a salvage yard….. Yet, they’ve went through a billion dollars so far, and extended the program for another two billion!!!! If we are in such a recession, where are people getting the money to buy new cars?….. New cars are not cheap even with a $4,500 rebate, and, you are talking about a complicated set of rules to qualify for the rebate…… Where is the money really going?…… You throw in the fact that quite a few of the rebates will only be $3,500, you are talking close to 750,000 new car sales for the government’s 3 billion dollar program….. Like the Senator that wanted an accounting of the first billion that disappeared so far, I would like to see some accounting of the whole program myself….. Yeah, what’s the chance in that?….. A snowball in Hell?…..

I haven’t even touched on the closings of over a hundred Post Offices (It’s more important for that CEO to get his bonus than it is for you to get your mail), or, the Medical Care programs…… The outlook is not good…….

I recommend everyone buy themselves a supply of wallpaper paste, because at this rate it won’t be long before the American greenback will be good for nothing except papering you walls with – if you still have a house with walls to live in…….

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  1. I heard on the news this morning that new car dealerships were running out of the car models that meet the requirements of the “cash for clunkers” program….. If it’s not one thing, it’s another…..

    Just what are they going to do with all those “clunkers” as they call them, which, in reality, are good running used cars built from 1984 to 2001?….. According to the terms of the program, they are to be crushed – destroyed – off the market, except as scrap!….. Do you realize the impact on the used car and salvage businesses, not to mention the scrap metal market, of crushing 750,000 good used vehicles?…… All of a sudden, the people who can’t afford a new car won’t be able to find a good used car at any price!….. Those who need parts for their older cars won’t be finding them at a salvage yard – all the parts were crushed along with the cars!….. The price of scrap metal will plummet due to the huge influx of crushed cars!….. Great government program, thought out and implemented by those overpaid yo-yo’s who live in an entirely different world from the general population……

    By not crushing the cars, they would not only have boosted the new car market, but, also the used car market, the salvage yard market, the auto auction market, and maintained a decent price for scrap metal….. I guess that would have been too easy – Actually it probably just never entered their narrow-minded “I – Me – Mine” brains….. Please don’t re-elect these Bozo’s – that is if we survive all these great programs and have enough taxpayer money left to have elections……

  2. Their long term goal is supposedly to force consumers to drive cars with better gas mileage (over 18MPG), which will take a long time. If this is the best they can do to reduce our oil dependency, that’s pretty sad.
    I’ve seen news stories where the salvage dealers can buy the used cars for spare parts, other than the engines. They are pouring something into the crankcase that destroys the engine. Watching the cars they are smashing into Campbell’s Soup cans, they look better than the cars I’m driving.
    As I’ve stated before, at this point, absolutely nothing surprises me any more.

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