Only 4 posts in May, none in June?
Lost in the o-zone again (or I guess cyberspace these days)?
Comfortably numb? Given up all hope? Stress? Mental fatigue? Irrelevant? Apathetic?


  1. I’m still here…………waiting……….waiting for PB Bob.

    Might have to resort to something from the Big Book.

  2. I wish I had a Big Book. I have several little ones. Yeah,
    PDB must be on some sort of secret mission.

  3. #3 by huskysooner

    So where the heck is MR?

  4. Yeah! And the prairie dog he road in on.

  5. Howdy Ho. I’m here.

    “I’m not waiting on a lady.
    I’m just waiting on a friend.”


  6. Some of us are old enough to start wandering if someone may have checked out on us.
    Keep The Faith (Black Oak Arkansas)

  7. Hi-Ho….. Guess Who?……. We’re back….. Damn, the blog barely has a pulse – thump-thump…… Is the community that lost without little ‘ol me and Prairie Dog Bob?…… It’s been a long and winding road – PDB came down with the Piglet Flu (P1D1 Virus), so, he spent a month or so, scurrying around the world from the Mayo Clinic to Voodoo Doctors deep in the bayous of Louisiana in search of the cure…..

    Well, to keep it short, he found himself cured, but, with a side effect…… PDB is a carrier of Swine Flu, yep, I’ve got him quarantined now, but, not before he infected most the the world during his quest for a cure to Piglet Flu….. Yep, PDB is responsible for the first Global Pandemic in over 40 years…. He’s not happy being locked up and all, and, he has lots of stories to tell….. I can’t decide whether to ghost write them for him, or just turn him lose with his own column…….

    More to come – and soon….. Gotta save this blog…….

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