Less Intelligent, More Intelligent


Look at the number of google searches. What does this say about society?
Does this make you laugh, cry, angry, hopeless, clueless, apathetic, philosophic?
Maybe the internet (google) is too easy. Doesn’t make you think. Possibly getting similar to television in that respect.

19 Responses to “Less Intelligent, More Intelligent”

  1. I wonder about the information we are getting. It’s so believable in print on a screen.

  2. I have to say my favorite was ‘why do men have nipples’…I’ll be looking that one up myself. Right after I listen to ‘when doves cry’.

  3. Anon, I agree. Just like some people believe everything they see on television. What’s your poison-Fox News Or CNN. Some people take one side or the other & believe everything that is said.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day the answer to everyones googling will be 42.

  5. OK, you got me. Why 42?

  6. I guess you haven’t read “Hitch Hikers Guide To The Universe”. Well, I’m certainly not going to give away the answer and deprive you of a good read. You might get some supposed friend to tell. Not me. You could google it but come on.

  7. I have seen the movie. Must not have been paying too much attention.
    Wait a minute isn’t that what is implied in this thread?
    Anywho, I will have to go to the library & check out the book. Thanks, Anon.

  8. Remember the mice and the computer?

  9. Yeah, instead of men using mice for research, the tables were turned. I looked at the Library Web Site & discovered this was a trilogy. I didn’t realize that.

  10. And the ultimate computer was built to………….

  11. It’s a 5 book trilogy.

  12. Soon to be 6? It looks as though there is a sixth book in the trilogy due to be released in October of 2009 called “And Another Thing…”

  13. Damn, with my old eyes, I don’t know how long it would take me to get through that volume of work.
    It is interesting much of the earlier science fiction objects that seemed so futuristic, are now a reality & taken for granted by most.

  14. I cant stand it. Do you want to know why 42?

  15. 42 is the answer to the universe (galaxy)? Non-intellects such as myself, sometimes have a difficult time understanding the many subtleties of sci-fi.

  16. Right. 42 is the answer to life and everything. Then they had to build another computer to figure out the meaning of 42. This was all before Google.

  17. How long before Google no longer needs computer? Might make a nice 7th book to the series (the seventh seal)?

  18. There is Google Earth. A sign? Does ‘google’ sound like a word mice would come up with?

  19. That’s funny, Izard. Great googley moogley (F.Zappa)

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