Thanks to our Vets.

I have been doing some reading of some books checked out of the MR Central Massive library. (Library of Congress eat your heart out) I have just finished a work about the LRRP Teams in SE Asia. It was one of the best books on the war I have read. What those guys had to go thru It’s a wonder that more of them didn’t come back “screwed up” for life. But the reason for my post is this, The last 2 pages of the book chronicles how when the author came home he was treated with disrespect, and lost many things that he left here before deploying.(Wife, job, college, etc) We have all heard the stories of soldiers being cursed and spat upon when they came home. Well it’s time to right that wrong. I ask everyone that when you see someone wearing Vietnam Vet regalia, or go to your local VFW post, walk up to them and say “Welcome Home Soldier, We are glad your home and thank you for your service and sacrifice” I know it is 30 years too late but these people gave up the best years of their life fighting a unjust and unpopular war, they did not deserve to be treated the way they were. It was not their fault that 2 corrupt presidents got and kept us involved in that conflict. Most of them were drafted right out of high school, in May they were graduating, by September they were in the jungle with a rifle in their hand. Also we need to contact our lawmakers and DEMAND that the Veterans Programs are FULLY FUNDED and they get the help and care that they deserve and were promised. Let me start right here. M.Rambler, Welcome home soldier.

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