Why Music

This out to stir things up. “Why Music” from

the “Economist”, Dec. 20

2008 – Jan 2, 2009.


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  1. Interesting article. Music does seem to be a part of almost every persons life. Parties, Weddings, Worship, Romance, Funerals, you name it. Also, for many teenage & older boys, playing in a band is usually a pretty good way to score with the ladies .

  2. I keep thinking of Noam Chomsky’s research on language. Are we hard wired?

  3. http://www.theonion.com/content/node/34138
    (Scroll down to the counterpoint.) I usually like the Economist but couldn’t resist.

    I may be in the minority here, but I was expecting a bit more neuroscience and a bit less pseudo-Freudian psychobabble wankery. I mean, c’mon:
    “A brain devoted to turning sound into meaning is tickled by an oversupply of tone, melody and rhythm. Singing is auditory masturbation to satisfy this craving. Playing musical instruments is auditory pornography. Both sate an appetite that is there beyond its strict biological need.”

    A piece of advice to those visiting the author’s office. Don’t touch the guitar in the corner!!

  4. Not bashing you, of course, Sunn. The topic itself is interesting.

  5. No offense taken, HS. It is topics like these that make us consider things we haven’t really thought about & get different viewpoints.
    I like this blog, because we don’t ever get into bashing one another, just good natured kidding & sharing information.

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