While noodling with friends MR was pulled under buy a large catfish. When

asked to hold

up one finger if he needed help, two if he was OK, MR held up his middle finger which was his last sighting.

18 Responses to “NEWS FLASH”

  1. Hmmmm? It has been a while since he has posted anything. Another mystery solved. Good job, Anon.

  2. Maybe MR is enjoying a month’s worth of big fat catfish after winning the battle. Could be him:

  3. I will be Visiting MR Central HQ this weekend and will post an update after. I doubt that he is having Catfish but some Salmon will be in order. Espicially since I have finally found the right spice for it.

  4. J.J. what might that right spice be? The fish we get here in Oklahoma needs to be doctored to be able to eat it.

  5. jek,

    That looks like a Blue Channel Cat in the clip and if it was filmed in Oklahoma, is an illegal fish. Poaching is against the law. Be sure to read state regulations before noodling and please, practice safe noodling. Registered experts and classes can be found in your community.

    A word to the wise….Beware of Bank Beavers……especially when in rut.

  6. Bank beavers? There’s a joke in there somewhere…

  7. Izard, no joke.

    Nothing worse than sicking your hand in a river bank hole and finding a beaver instead of a catfish, unless it’s a copperhead. Chew your arm right off.

    You’re right. There’s a joke hiding in there some where. Go ahead.

  8. Izz: Chili Powder Blend Made by the Spice Hunter Co. Just became availble here again.
    Anon: I’m with Izzard “Bank Beavers” Gotta be a great punch line in there somewhere. Is that anything like “Teller Twits”? I’m from Okla. and have never gone “Noodling” and I feel that anyone who would stick their hand into the murky water to stick it into a fishes mouth Needs professional help. Course I feel the same way about anyone who would jump out of a perfectly good working airplane.

  9. J.J.,

    I’d like to hear the origin of the term “Noodling”. (Someone who has trouble with the old noodle?) Couldn’t agree more about noodling and sky diving. I’d add rock climbing to the list.

  10. J. where might one purchase the Chili Powder Blend? I would like to include fish in my regular diet, but my wife cannot stand any of the fish available here in Oklahoma City markets. Maybe the Spice Hunter will help the palatability of the “not too fresh” fish we consume here in a non-seafood state.

  11. Sunn,

    There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be getting a good quality of fish in Oklahoma City. Fish should be flash frozen and shipped to Oklahoma like anywhere else.

  12. Iz: I found it at Williams 15th & Post maybe at the others also. It used to be at Albertsons thats why we could not find it for a while. Check with MR for a Salmon recipe. Supposed to be mouthwatering.
    anon: I am quite surprised that “Noodling” Is not in “The Big Book”

  13. Oh By the way Kids, I have had a rare sighting of the elusive MRambler. He was last seen with a Wii controller strapped to his wrist playing “Looney Tunes Acme Arsenal” With the trademark 1 finger salute toward the Monitor Hollering something about someone being “Dessspicable” Sounding curiously like a certain little Black Duck.

  14. Sorry Sunn I have been confusing your comments about the spice as coming from Izzard. That’s why I should not Drink and Type. As we speak Mrs. J.J. is giving me 50 lashes with a wet noodle ow owch ow please stop don’t stop don’t stop…………….aaaahhhhhh

  15. JJ: That is what they really call Okie Noodling. Duck J!! (hiding eyes now)

  16. Yes, well, The BIG BOOK doesnt know everything and nothing about Oklahoma.

  17. I can’t believe that anyone in the MR Community would think that I would participate in anything as dumb as sticking my arm in an underwater hole in order to let a HUGE Catfish suck it up like a wet “Noodle”…… Salmon, maybe……

    There’s a “long and winding” tale of my extreme absence – and as soon as I finish making it up, I’ll Post it…..

    I am back and you can expect much more of “something completely the same” (or is supposed to be “different”?)……

    Glad to see most of us are still around…….

  18. Until you come up with a better story I’m going with Noodling.

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