Ghostbusters Update

Ghostbusters Logo

Coming soon to a show near you ECTO-1 The origional Ghostbusters Car. Will be at the Penny Arcade Expo at the Seattle Convention Center Aug 29-31
Also coming this fall from Sierra Entertainment the New Ghostbusters Game Starring the voices of all from the movie (Except Rick Moranis)

8 Responses to “Ghostbusters Update”

  1. If anyone in the Seattle area sees “Ecto-1”, I, personally would like them to snap a pic or two….. Maybe Post it on the Blog?……

    ’bout time for a new “Ghostbusters” game….. I used to play the Commodore 64 one constantly……

  2. Wow, the old ghostbusters game… I loved that. I haven’t thought of that in a decade. Wonder if I can find an image and run it on a C64 emulator…

  3. Good find J. I’ll try and remember to see it. Do you know much about the Penny Arcade Expo?

    MR and DRS: I played that a lot too. Let me know if you find something working. I ain’t afraid of no ghost!

  4. Cool find! There doesn’t seem to be a Mac simulator so I’ll have to try it later on my Windows machine. Thanks

  5. Jek: I don’t know anything bout the Expo. I just ran across it while investigating games for the Wii. (now that RoBo has one) But it sounds like fun.

  6. OK it’s sept. did any of you in Seattle go? Any pics/Videos of Ecto-1? Anybody get to play the Beta of the game? how was it. inquiring minds want to know.

  7. Well i’m guessing no one attended this event. I give you 1 small task and…… Ok Seattle, go to bed without dessert.

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