Happy 4th 2008

Have a happy 4th everyone. By the Way, Where is everyone? Anybody Home?

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  1. Happy 4th! I’m here to report in.

    Zook, Tarn, and I went to Lake Union to see the Seattle fireworks last night. Below is a video clip of the finale that user agriff20 posted on YouTube this morning. It appears the video was taken from a boat on Lake Union, of which there were many. We were on a building deck on the left side of the lake (from this perspective). Of course it looked much better in person! My personal favorites are the Saturn explosions, which look like Saturn and it rings bursting out. Cool. Unfortunately the video doesn’t show any of those.

  2. Thanks J.J. We had a safe n sane 4th around the Bar-B-Q. Hope everyone had a good one.

    Hay, you guys got the Sonics, effective immediately. When do we get MR?

  3. #3 by huskysooner

    Was in town. Grilled and watched fireworks… the usual. Nice day.

    In Cancun now!

  4. Dear Anon: Psych. We pulled a fast one on you guys, As Okies are known to do. Not too many details from me ( It’s not my place to comment on them) But the time frame has been revamped. Due to developments here of late. Concerning these, We need all of you to keep lsd-robo in all of your thoughts and Prayers for his recent loss. Anyhoo I had a great 4th Visited with a old friend just back from the sand box. We haven’t seen each other since he finished Basic way back when. It was good to see him and get a on the ground assessment of whats going on over there. HS, Don’t drink the water, don’t eat the jalapenos.

  5. What was his assessment?

  6. His assessment was that we need to get back to work in Afghanistan. He is working with a contractor there ( He Retired from Active duty in 06) . He says that if anything will be the downfall of our interests there it will be KBR. They have F’ed up everything they are involved with. And the Politicians need to keep their hands off of daily operations and let the soldiers do their jobs, In other words quit Micro Managing the forces. Despite all of this Morale is high. When he goes back he is going to work for a company that works with the army to provide training to the Afghan troops, I must admit that after the last weeks attacks I’m somewhat concerned for his safety. But he tells me that they do not have to worry as they are safe, But still I worry. Everybody please keep him and others like him in your thoughts and prayers.

  7. I guess I said I worked on the Alaska pipe line under Brown and Root. We were the sub that put up the refinery buildings. Brown and Root were (are) a bunch of bullies and crooks. Sixty feet off the ground their forman threatened our forman while I was standing there. They forced us to add a needless grave yard shift , a cost/plus project. And tried to find ways to claim we hadn’t completed our contract.

    We never told them the crabs they were eating out of the bay were polluted. They ate a lot of crab. The bay was full of big crabs untouched for years.

  8. There was a 4th of July this year?….. I missed it with all that was going on….. Thanks Jek for the video clip….. I’ll consider that my 4th…… I”M BACK! (but, still stuck in Oklahoma for the present)……

  9. Anon: I somewhat remember you saying you worked for them, I guess they haven’t changed much. I thought that the problems started when Haliburton took them over. Funny bout’ the Crabs.

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