DID YOU KNOW…..I Didn't Think so…"Regiment de la Colotte"

A society of witty and satirical men in the reign of Louis XIV. When any public character made himself ridiculous, a colotte was sent to him to “cover the bald or brainless part of his noodle.” (Colotte is the small skull-cap worn over the tonsure.) No, I don’t know where to buy them. Note, a ridiculous character is not necessarily

the same as a looby.

I notice that Spell-check is spelling Collotte with an e ,Coll(e)tte. I’m trying two improve my spelling after MR’s not to subtle hint.

11 Responses to “DID YOU KNOW…..I Didn't Think so…"Regiment de la Colotte"”

  1. #1 by Randalf the Grey

    Doesn’t the Pope wear one of those when he’s not wearing his big-ass hat ?

  2. Anen – Oh, that’s A-noun – No,No, it’s Anon…. Yeah, that’s it!….. Just kidding you on your spelling, but, if you remember, you were the first one complaining about no spell-checker in the beginning….. We all make spelling mis-steaks on occasion, so, don’t stop Posting or Commenting, especially as it seems it’s been you and me only on the Posting here of late…… No, Jek, I’m not forgetting your occasional Post, thank you very much……

    One last thing though, Anon, even if we had the ultimate spell-checker it would not catch your usage of the word “two” in the last sentence…… It should be “to”….. Sorry ’bout pointing that out….. Just trying to help…… You are getting better at it…..

    Send me a hat, please……

  3. RtG. I believe he does although, I dont think he has a tonsure…… a tonsure is the shaved spot on a monks head. More research is needed.

    MR. I was testing you. There are to mistakes.

    Hat in the mail.

  4. What is the difference in the afore mentioned “colotte” and the Yamaca[sic] Worn by those of the Jewish faith?

  5. J.J.,

    More research is needed.

  6. #6 by Randalf the Grey

    I think it’s spelled yarmulke, J.J. I don’t think the spell-checker is going to be any help on that one though.

  7. Uh, it’s “too” for you, but maybe you knew.

  8. Jek gets one point (1) on this very short quiz and MR gets the other one (1) point.

  9. That’s “Two” “too” many “to” us…… Pointless and Hatless we should remain….. Of course, that would make Jek and I neck and neck for first place in your only quiz-o “to” date…..

  10. Randalf, I actually did not know the spelling for it, nor did I run it thru Spel Chek. I just shot from the hip and went for the sound. You know how us drummers are. I’ll be back soon I’m gonna take my spell checker home and clean it…..HA HA haha HAHAHAHAHA sorry.

  11. RtG,

    I found this in the paper today…..Word of the week: “zucchetto”, pronounced “zoo-KETT-oh.” Derived from Italian for “little head,” it is the small, round skullcap worn by Roman Catholic officials. The word was used in the final rounds of the 2007 AARP National Senior Spelling Bee.


    Go ahead, I’m waiting for it.

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