MR’s De-Evolution Quiz – Easy

…..I guess Easy depends on your viewpoint and age….. Again, you know the Rules and you know if and when you follow them, and as you all know, Points do vary along with MR’s mood….. Play at your own risk…..

1. How long is a fortnight?
2. What does the ZIP in ZIP code stand for?
3. On the $1 bill, what do the words Annuit Coeptis mean?
4. What language contains the most words?
5. What was Sergeant Joe Friday’s badge number on “Dragnet”?
6. In the 1956 movie of the same name, what was the Forbidden Planet?
7. What was Elvis Presley’s first number one hit?
8. In the comic strip “Peanuts”, what is Linus and Lucy’s last name?
9. What is Charlie Brown’s father’s profession?

Another Nine is Fine…. Here it is – Come and Get It!…. You better hurry ’cause it’s goin’ fast…..

13 Responses to “MR’s De-Evolution Quiz – Easy”

  1. 1. two weeks

    8. van Pelt
    9. barber

  2. 4. Arabic

    5. 666, just kidding! “This is the city.” Saw his office a week or so ago near Hollywood. Hasn’t changed much.

    6. A stiff cocktail (ha!, someone stop me)

    7. Ug, it was in Million Dollar Quartet, but I can’t remember. Poo.

  3. 2: zone improvement plan

    4: English, but only because we stole them all

  4. 7.Heart Break Hotel?

  5. 6. Another trick question……It was called The Forbidden Planet. Said so right in the title.

  6. #5 (wasn’t this one in a previous quiz?) 714
    #7 I refer you to my Music Quiz 08.19.07 Question #2 Mystery Train b/w I forgot to remember to Forget.

  7. I think I said Heart Break Hotel that time too.

  8. HS strikes first with three (3) correct answers for #1, #8, and #9 and gathers Three (3) Points for his effort, although, my source says a fortnight is fourteen days, I guess I’ll accept two weeks as close enough (Ha)…..
    Jek comes in with FOUR, yes, count ’em, FOUR wrong answers!….. I think he’s trying to lose his Half Point, but, I’m not going to take it – yet anyway…..
    Zook gets One (1) Point for #2, which is close enough…. It is actually called the national “Zoning Improvement Plan”, and, One (1) Point for #4 – English, with approximately 455,000 active words and 700,000 dead words, and, as Zook says “mostly stolen”……
    I know I’m gonna hear from J.J. on this one, but, according to my source, “Heartbreak Hotel” in February, 1956 was Elvis’s FIRST number one hit…… Anon gets One (1) Point for #7, and, #6 is not a trick question, the planet does have a name……
    J.J. does get One (1) Point for #5 – Friday’s badge was 714, and, it might be a repeat……. On #7, maybe we should review your music quiz’s, eh?…. Just kidding, but, I have to go with what I got….. Maybe you were thinking his first release?…….

    Look’s like that leaves #3 and #6 and J.J.’s compliant that I’m sure to get……

  9. OK Here it comes. I bow to your Little/Big Book for the answer for your quiz as you say” What it says in the your book is the right answer” But my answer comes from the Official Billboard Lists, Rolling Stone Music Encyclopedia, and EPE. I did look up that question specifically for my Elvis Quiz. So I respectfully disagree with your Book. No complaint, just a dialogue.
    #3 according to the Us Mint the official translation means “He (God) has favored our undertakings”.
    #6 Altair

  10. I still have Elvis’ Heart Break Hotel on a 78. I remember it as his first gold or silver, nickel, or something.

  11. According to my notes and my research from my quiz. Elvis’s first #1 record was Mystery Train, This was on the Country charts and recorded on Sun. Now his first #1 record according to Billboard was Heartbreak Hotel. At this time Billboard kept the charts very separate, Country, Pop, R&R, Etc.. I had to dig deep to confirm the statement in the Rolling Stone Illustrated History of R&R that Mystery Train was the 1st #1, In an e-mail from Billboard I was told that back then all charts were separate and just because an artist was awarded an #1 on 1 chart it could not be claimed that that song was their 1st one especially if they “Crossed Over” to another form of music. Remember this was also during the days of Payola, so the charts were somewhat flawed to say the least. I think that we are both right. But Heartbreak Hotel was his 1st R&R Hit as well as his 1st Million Seller. But the 1st time he was awarded an #1 was for Mystery Train. in 1955 HH was in 1956.

  12. J.J., I guess my source was going by the Billboard charts…. In any event, I got you to furnish a lot of information, and, therefore, award you One (1) Point for all the extra effort on #7….. J. gets another One (1) Point for #3….. Along with the motto, the eye represents the all-seeing deity. The pyramid symbolizes strength; it is unfinished to suggest the work ahead….. And One (1) Final Point for #6, although J. left off the IV on Altair (Altair IV was the planet)…..

    Update and new Quiz soon…….

  13. Points for this Quiz:

    J.J. – Four (4) Points
    HuskySooner – Three (3) Points
    Zook – Two (2) Points
    Anon – One (1) Point

    New Quiz tomorrow…….

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