Note to J.J.


I just read your post about Seattle from awhile back……and I left you a reply. I got to thinking that my

answer was a little flip. The one reason for Seattle’s success may be location, location, location.

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  1. Are you sure it’s all location, location, location?….. I know of many places or equal or greater natural assets than Seattle….. I think you have to throw people and being in “the right place at the right time” in the equation…. How is little Billy Gates anyway?…..

  2. Indeedy…..I think the location brought the people…..that and Microsoft during the tech. boom when the rest of the country was suffering. Thats when the rest of the country found out about Washington and Oregon. The location is what kept people here before and after though. The Western migration is still on and I can see why after a trip through the rust belt.

    I met a Italian chef from New Jersey out steelheading one day. The guy was absolutely rabid. Couldn’t believe his good fortune to be out here fishing. A lot of the west must look good if you are from the east (after you get by misconceptions). A twelve year old girl from N.Y. wanted to know if there were Indians in Washington. Her idea of the west must have come from the TV.

  3. Thats just what I was saying, 40 years ago I wanted to know what Seattle had going for it. So if you say location, what is Oklahomas excuse? We are located right in the middle of the country, have 2 major interstates intersecting here and have ample land for expansion, also we do not have the environmentalist movement that Seattle has to stop expansion. All we do is toot our horn about how great OK is, But I don’t see any substantial things just some fluff around the edges but no gravitas.

  4. J.J., Oklahoma is the major training ground for politicians, who, take advantage of the easy going, give you the benefit of the doubt, good natured population of the state….. We keep voting in the same lame candidates over and over again…. There is your cause for stagnation…… Oklahoma leaders are more interested in their careers above and beyond what is good for the state….. Rule of thumb for Oklahoma – Vote against the incumbent…..

  5. What I meant by location was that years ago we didn’t have much going for us out here but, people stayed for the environment……mountains, forests, water. After the tech. bust I think people stayed for the same reason.

    Seattle, western Washington, and the I-5 corridor is flanked on the east and west by mountains. Controlling growth is a necessity. You wouldn’t think that water would be a problem here but growth is screwing it up…..along with other stuff.

    I drove I-5 from Canada to Mexico years ago and got the idea that I-5 would be one city some day. It was in the Fall and polluted from San Diego to Bellingham.

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