E-QUIZ 25: Knights, Golden Fleece

For five

points, who are the Knights of The Golden Fleece?

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  1. #1 by Randalf the Grey

    More religious bull. A few centuries ago, a bunch of European Kings and other royal types started a very exclusive club which honored and romanticized the knights of the Crusades. It was mostly a catholic club at first, but eventually protestants and even ( gasp ) WOMEN were admitted. Her Royal Highness QE2 of Great Britain is a Knight of The Golden Fleece.

  2. Randalf,

    Here we go again. My source again differs with your answer. Maybe there are two correct answers or maybe I should have used the full title…(didn’t think it mattered). So, try this full title and see where it gets you……”Knights of The Order of The Golden Fleece”.

    here are some others to keep you busy:

    Knights of the

    And here is one that is not a “Knight of” but one just to keep you out of the pool halls……”Knipperdollings”

  3. The “Knights of” listed above are easy….every one have a go at em.

  4. #4 by Randalf the Grey

    anon, my Grolier’s Encyclopedia says The Order of the Golden Fleece was a chivalric order founded by Phillip the Good, Duke of Burgundy, in 1429. What do da BIG BOOK say ?

  5. Ah, yes, “Knights of the Hare” was formed by Bugs Bunny in a protest move against Warner Brothers….. I might as well take a stab at all of the other ones while I’m at it…… “Knights of the Handcuffs” is a sub-division of “The Fraternal Order of Police”…. “Knights of Cleaver” was formed by none other than Beaver of “Leave it to” fame….. “Knights of the Pencil” was formed by Kurt Vonnegut and Hunter S. Thompson….. “Knights of the Pestle” formed by Walgreen’s….. “Knights of the Rainbow” by a bunch of leprechauns….. “Knights of the Bag” – Who else but John Lennon and Yoko Oh-No….. “Knights of Industry” – Dow Chemical and GWB (earlier Trickey Dickey)…… “Knights of the Post” as in “As dumb as a” – Archie Bunker, Esq…… “Knights of the Spigot” – Budweiser, Coors, and all those other brewers of NFL and NASCAR fame….. and finally, “Knights of the Whip” – who could it be but Devo – “Whip It – Whip It Good”…… I think that about covers it….. How many minus points to I get for my efforts?……

  6. Randalf,
    Answer to this weeks quiz comes on Sunday. In the meantime, think along the lines of MRambler…..its an occupation.

    Rambler ,
    One plus point for Knights of the Handcuffs….police. Sorry! But, you did much better with the others. All minus points.

    There are two correct answers apparently.

  7. MRambler,

    You are close on “Pestle”.

  8. #8 by huskysooner

    You’re all wrong…. “Knights” is just a synonym for the Argonauts.

  9. What? Now everything is screwed up. I think we need a little history on Argonauts.

  10. #10 by Randalf the Grey

    I think there may be more than one correct answer on this E-Quiz.

  11. Maybe many answers. I’m waiting to read Huskysooner’s story about the Argonauts. I think he means the story of Jason (and the Argonauts, a rock band in Oklahoma) who made off with a fleece of pure gold. Later blew it all in Vegas.

  12. #12 by huskysooner

    Pretty much right, anon. I didn’t know about the band, just the Greek classic. Just trolling for negative points, as I didn’t know the intended answer.

  13. A negative point for huskysooner.

  14. #14 by huskysooner

    Awww. I troll for negative points but am strictly catch-and-release.

  15. Are you releasing that fat negative point? It was over 12 inches you know.

  16. OK, here are the answers to all the “Knights of”.

    Knights of The Golden Fleece……..lawyers (maybe this is where “Fleeced” came from)

    Knights of:


    The Hare…12 knights created by Edward The Third after a great shout went up from the French and English armies when a hare ran between them. ( J.J., did this start a battle??)


    Pencil….Better of races


    Rainbow…..flunkies….refers to their dress



    Post….persons hired to lie in court



    And lastly, for Gray Randalf:

    “Knipperdollings” are a set of German heretics at the time of the reformation…..named for Her Knipperdollings. The kids made fun of his name a he developed an attitude.

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