Cell Phone Games……

What “Peanut Head” writes those games, anyway?……. I have a Motorola V60i which is ancient by today’s standards and it has only three games on it in the first place…… You’d think that they would make them so that you could at least have a 50-50 chance of winning – better still, they should be made so you win over 75% of the time…… Why?….. About the only time I ever use them is at the doctor’s office or somewhere you need to kill some time, usually waiting on something that you are stressed-out about in the first place…… S-o-o-o, I’m at the VA in the waiting room and decide to play a little “blackjack” to ease the tension and take-up some time…… I can’t win one out ten hands!…… I get 21 and the damn cell phone gets 21 – tie – it wins…… I hold on 20 and it gets 20 or 21 with up to five cards – it wins…… I get 17, decide to hit and get a face card – it wins……. I’m now so mad at the cell phone it’s destructo-time, although, I guess I’m not as mad at the waiting room wait now, so there is some good to it, but, I would have been much happier and the time would have passed just as fast if I would have won most of the games….. Hell, I would have been happy with being even……. Damn programmers!…….

3 Responses to “Cell Phone Games……”

  1. Maybe it’s a plan so you’ll keep coming back for more. Or maybe the programmers are trying to curb your gambling.

    Have you considered that you may not be that good of a Blackjack player? 😀 😀 😀

  2. I admit I’m not as good as you, Jek, I saw you in Vegas….. I think their plan is more in the direction of getting you to smash your cell phone so you will need a new one….. It can’t be to make you want more, I don’t want to see that damn games menu ever again…. Oh, yeah, and the “poker” cell phone player cheats too!…..

  3. I seem to remember that you were fairly good at Black Jack when we played at the DOGG Studio/Your house (Jek Hint Hint Hint)But me thinks that my on air cohost Doc Rock was just as good. Anyone hear from him this milennium?

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